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Simulated College Board Junior Management Meeting
This video is what we think might have been the discussion that preceded the College Board deciding to offer a summer SAT to a program that charged $4,500. We blogged here: http://blog.bellcurves.com/blog/2012/06/06/the-college-board-fails-the-test-again/
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Fire Drill  - The Office US
This time smoking will SAVE lives. Watch The Office US on Google Play: http://goo.gl/n2cswY & iTunes http://goo.gl/Fxi18S Subscribe // http://bit.ly/subOfficeUS This is the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments! FB : https://www.facebook.com/theofficenbc Twitter : https://twitter.com/theofficenbc Website : http://www.nbc.com/the-office
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10 Minute Meeting: The Status Update Call
Do you hold "Power Meetings" every morning? If not, be sure you are part of the top 10-15% of dealers who hold these meetings to check yesterday's data. Add CallRevu's data to supercharge your daily power meetings and to increase your sales and CSI in all departments. How many people called and asked if their vehicle was ready? When a customer calls asking this, it is the beginning of a downhill slide in CSI. Focus on gathering the right phone number when the appointment is made and ensuring your team has the availability to make the call back.
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Corporate Boards Taking the Lead
Read the full story: http://knlg.net/1e0KgjF Lenovo has just announced plans to acquire IBM and Motorola businesses for a total of more than $5 billion. Of the IBM deal, Wharton management professor Michael Useem, co-author of Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner, and When to Stay Out of the Way, says Lenovo's board of directors "has helped that company go from a company we have never heard of 15 years ago to the number one personal computer maker in the world." Useem, who is also director of Wharton's Center for Leadership and Change Management, recently sat down with Wharton lecturer Robert Borghese, a corporate attorney in private practice with offices in New York and Philadelphia, to discuss his new book, co-authored by Ram Charan and Dennis C. Carey. In this interview, Useem explains why monitoring is no longer the only responsibility of the board, where board directors should draw the line in their leadership of organizations and where some companies and boards are getting it right, including Lenovo.
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Types of Meetings
Identifying your type of meeting can keep it on topic and more focused
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What to say at your job interview (all my BEST phrases and tips!)
All my best advice on what to say at your job interview. I will tell you how to answer the most common job interview questions. I’ll give you the grammatical structures to use when answering questions about your work experience, and also share with you vocabulary and phrases that will impress your interviewer. I recommend you prepare for your job interview by learning phrases you can repeat in your interview and also by practising your answers to these common questions. Get a friend to ask you the questions and make sure that you answer them in English! You can follow my advice about how to answer job interview questions whether you are looking for a job in an English-speaking country or you are being interviewed in English for a job in your home country. Good luck with your interview – I wish you success! If you want more help, watch my video on how to write your CV. Remember: there is no 'try'! Once you've finished the lesson, take the quiz here: http:/www.engvid.com/what-to-say-at-your-job-interview TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. I'm Jade. What we're talking about today is job interview English. So, in this lesson, I'm going to give you some phrases that you can use in a job interview, and I'll also be giving you... We'll also be looking at what grammar you should be using to answer common job interview questions. So I'm going to break it down so you know what to expect when you have that job interview in English, maybe for the first time, or maybe you've already had a couple of interviews in English but you just want to improve your performance. So let's start by talking about before the interview. So when you get there, there's always, like, that bit of small talk. Maybe you find it awkward, maybe you're a pro at small talk, but I thought I'd just give you some phrases so that you've got something to say, at least. So, when you get there, it's polite to say something like: "Thanks for inviting me to interview." If you feel like initiating small talk, you could say something like: "Is the position based in this office?" or "building", wherever you are. You might also want to say: "Oh, how many people work here?" Just sort of general things, nothing personal going on there. Or you might make an observation about what you see about the building or the workplace. You could say: "The offices are impressive." Now, clearly, if the building isn't very nice, and there isn't anything remarkable about it, then I probably wouldn't say something like this. It's better to make no observation than say one that's not true, or one that sounds a bit strange because the place is a real dump. You don't want to say it's great in your phrase. But maybe the area's nice, so then you could say: "What a great location!" This is an exclamation. You say it with some kind of enthusiasm. Or you might say, as you're walking to the interview room: "Ah, I see you have an open plan office." That means where everybody works together in the same room. Or you might say: "I see you have a staff canteen." That's where you get your food. Okay? So, all suggestions for general small talk. The interviewer may, however, initiate small talk with you, in which case, general things they like to talk about in England... Our... Our favourite topics of small talk are the weather, so you could say something like: "It's chilly today." That means it's a bit cold. Or mild. "Mild" is... "Mild" is when the weather is better than you would expect for that time of year. So if it's winter and it's mild, it's not as cold as you would expect it to be. Yep. So we love to talk about the weather, you know that about British people. Did you also know we like to talk about the traffic or the tube delays and things like that? So, perhaps they'll say: "How was the traffic? How was your journey here?" You can tell them about your journey. Say: -"Oh, it wasn't bad." -"How was your journey?" -"Not bad." That means it was okay. Or you could say: "It didn't take me too long." It didn't take me too long. Now, just a tip: You don't want to say: "It was a nightmare; it took me hours", because they'll probably want to employ someone who can get to the job easily.
Leading Meetings -- The Agenda
How many times have you sat down in the meeting room wondering what the meeting would be about and if you were going to be expected to contribute? How did you feel? Probably unprepared and a little apprehensive. Are you doing that to people who attend your meetings? The best tool for effective meetings is an agenda. Write and distribute the agenda ahead of time so everyone will know what they need to do to be prepared. If you expect someone to provide information, tell them ahead of time. During the meeting, stick to the agenda. If something comes up that's important but takes you away from the agenda either deal with it quickly or table it for another time. Your meeting agenda is the most important part of meeting preparation. A good agenda can make the difference between a long boring meeting and a shorter, effective meeting.
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How to deal with roundabouts driving lesson: Easy to understand UK roundabouts
How to do roundabouts & understand roundabouts rules at http://driving-school-beckenham.co.uk/roundabouts.html. A brief guide on how to do UK roundabouts driving lesson. When to go on a roundabout? What lane do you need on a roundabout? How to approach a roundabout? These are all common questions when it comes to understanding roundabouts and negotiating UK roundabouts and they're all answered in this video on dealing with roundabouts. We also show you how to negotiate mini-roundabouts and give you driving test tips along the way. If you're looking for help on how to do roundabouts then hopefully this video will give you the driving test tips that you need in understanding roundabouts. In some countries roundabouts are called traffic circles. If you're looking at how to deal with traffic circles in the UK then this video will help. Turning left, 1st exit at the roundabout: Keep in the left hand lane. Check mirrors, signal left. Give way to the right. Once you're on the roundabout and about to exit then check mirrors again, keep the left signal on to exit the roundabout. Follow the road ahead, 2nd exit. Keep in the left hand lane (unless signs or road markings tell you otherwise). No signal needed. Once it's clear to the right then go and keep in the left hand lane (unless road markings or signs tell you otherwise). Before leaving the roundabout, check mirrors, signal left and then exit. Turn right, 3rd exit. Check mirrors, signal right and approach in the right hand lane. Give way to the right. Once it's clear then keep in the right hand lane. Before leaving the roundabout make sure that you check your mirrors, signal left and then exit. Hesitation at roundabouts is common. In one of the sections of this video we show you opportunities and examples of when to get onto a roundabout and which lane you'll need. These are only examples of ways to avoid hesitating at roundabouts, only go when you feel it's safe. Taking the wrong opportunity can be dangerous, so be careful. ☕️ Buy us a coffee https://ko-fi.com/T6T7EISN This video was made to help YOU with your driving. This video might help a new or learner driver. You might also find this useful if you're visiting the UK from abroad and want to know about driving in the UK. If this has been useful then please give us a 'thumbs up' like. Please leave your experiences on roundabouts in the comments section below. Please subscribe for our latest videos and give us a thumbs up like if this video has helped you as it helps us to make more videos. If you're learning to drive then make sure that you get professional help from a fully qualified driving instructor. This video is NOT an alternative to professional driving lessons and is only a rough guide. This video was filmed in the UK. Laws and rules in your country may vary. Videos aren't a substitute for real life driving experience in a safe environment. While World Driving aims to provide accurate and up to date information we cannot guarantee at any time that all the information is up to date and accurate. The makers of this video cannot accept liability for misleading or inaccurate information or omissions in information given to us by external information providers. This includes, but is not by way of limitation: ■ any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose ■ any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information ■ any decision made or action taken or not taken in reliance upon the information. World Driving copyright 2014 ©
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Shorter, Better, Faster Meetings: 5 Practical Solutions for Leaders
If you've ever been bored or frustrated in a meeting, or sat there wondering why you were invited, you're not alone. Every day across North America, people spend time in over 15 million meetings. And according to those people, up to 50 percent of that time will be wasted. Meetings are wasting people's time, wasting people's talents, and wasting people's money. Smarter Meetings, by Bob Wiele was designed to change the way you think about meetings by changing the way you think in meetings. The goal is to get more work done and to engage every member to make a full contribution to the group. This 30 minute webinar will show you 5 practical solutions for team leaders to run shorter, better meetings
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The Science Behind Competitive Eating | Sport Science | ESPN Archives
(July 4, 2014) Take a look back as John Brenkus and the "Sport Science" team examine how competitive eaters can consume such massive quantities. Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: http://ow.ly/1YWF30aFCi3 Subscribe NOW to ESPN on YouTube: http://ow.ly/xjsF309WWdG Get more ESPN on YouTube: First Take: http://ow.ly/n47n30aLirR SC6 with Michael & Jemele: http://ow.ly/jXhw30aLiGv SportsCenter with SVP: http://ow.ly/upAm30aLiK4 This Is SportsCenter: http://ow.ly/dhu3309WWgH ESPN Must-See: http://ow.ly/VMLx309WWid ESPN Stories: http://ow.ly/3FiD30aLiQs ESPN on Social Media: Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/espn Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/espn Follow on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/espn Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on ESPN.com: http://www.espn.com
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French 1B Speaking Exam Practice
Recorded on May 20, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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12/6/18 Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) Meeting (Day 1)
12/6/18 Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) Meeting (Day 1) 8:30AM - 5PM
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When To Go At Busy UK Roundabouts - Hesitation at roundabouts?
How to approach roundabouts and when to enter busy roundabouts http://www.driving-school-beckenham.co.uk How to approach and enter busy UK roundabouts can be difficult when you're learning to drive as it takes a lot of anticipation of other other vehicles. Failed for hesitation on the driving test? A roundabouts driving lesson will cover entering busy roundabouts and how to anticipate other road users. If you hesitate at roundabouts then hopefully this video will help. How do you know when to enter a busy roundabout? Because a majority of other drivers don't signal when they should we have to look out for other more subtle clues as to when to go. You should give-way to the right at roundabouts but if there's an endless stream of vehicles entering the roundabout then we have to wait for a vehicle to come around the roundabout and exit towards where we've come from and at the same time block the vehicles on our right. Knowing when the other vehicle is coming off is the difficult part. Look at the angle of the other vehicle and where they're steering. Never assume they're coming off, check, check and check again. If you're unsure it's safe then wait and don't go as it's not worth the risk. Thank you very much for watching our video and we REALLY hope it helps with your driving. ☕️ Buy us a coffee https://ko-fi.com/T6T7EISN ► Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Driving/139802814086 Please subscribe for our latest videos and give us a thumbs up like if this video has helped you as it helps us to make more videos. If you're learning to drive then make sure that you get professional help from a fully qualified driving instructor. This video is NOT an alternative to professional driving lessons and is only a rough guide. This video was filmed in the UK. Laws and rules in your country may vary. You are responsible for driving safely and legally. While World Driving aims to provide accurate and up to date information we cannot guarantee at any time that all the information is up to date and accurate. The makers of this video cannot accept liability for misleading or inaccurate information or omissions in information given to us by external information providers. This includes, but is not by way of limitation: ■ any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose ■ any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information ■ any decision made or action taken or not taken in reliance upon the information. World Driving copyright 2017 ©
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Prepare for Meet the Firms
Meet the Firms is an excellent opportunity to meet potential employers and hone your networking skills. From professional conversation tips to dressing for success, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, gives you the tools you need to make an impression! Connect with us: Website: https://www.rogercpareview.com Blog: https://www.rogercpareview.com/blog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RogerCPAReview Twitter: https://twitter.com/rogercpareview LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/roger-cpa-review Are you accounting faculty looking for FREE CPA Exam resources in the classroom? Visit our Professor Resource Center: https://www.rogercpareview.com/professor-resource-center/ Video Transcript Sneak Peek: So, if you do what I tell you to do, you're going to get through the exam. What are we here to talk about today? Meet the Firms! Now, with Meet the Firms, what is Meet the Firms? We'll talk about how to properly prepare for this event, so you walk in as prepared as possible, success, professional choices and a little bit about the exam itself.
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How I held my breath for 17 minutes | David Blaine
http://www.ted.com In this highly personal talk from TEDMED, magician and stuntman David Blaine describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes -- a world record (only two minutes shorter than this entire talk!) -- and what his often death-defying work means to him. Warning: do NOT try this at home. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate. Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tednews Checkout our Facebook page for TED exclusives https://www.facebook.com/TED
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How to clear Delf A2 exam?
How to clear Delf A2 exam? Friends, hope you all are doing great and your exam preparation is going on smoothly. Let's talk about a few tips to clear DELF A2 exam easily. All DELF exams have four parts, speaking, listening, reading and writing, each carrying 25 marks. To clear the exam, the student must get a total of 50 marks and he cannot have less than 5 marks in any part. In Delhi, these exams are conducted at Aallionce Fronsaise the Delhi four times in a year. I have put the link below for those who want to register for the exam. Just like DELF A1, DELF A2 exam also starts, with the speaking part of 6 to 8 minutes, for which you get ten minutes’ preparation time, separately. In the first part, you can expect simple questions, about your family, yourself, your likes or dislikes, your friends etc. The second part, is a monologue, that you will present, on a common topic, like your favorite book, your school, your favorite teacher etc. You should be able, to answer the questions, of the examiner, based on what you say. The last part, is a dialogue, in which you will have to negotiate, or argue with the examiner, about a day to day situation, like fixing a meeting, reserving a hotel, choosing a course etc. The best tip, to prepare this part, is to find yourself a French speaking buddy and practice a lot with him or her. He should be able to correct your errors, along with pushing you to speak in French or just record yourself and get the audio checked by us. Another thing that you should keep in mind, is that if the situation is formal, or informal, and talk accordingly. The next part, is the listening part of 25 minutes. In this part, you will listen to three documents twice, with a gap of 30 seconds in between. DELF A2, is a bit lengthier than DELF A1. Moreover, though the questions are simple, but the audio is a bit faster, compared to what you get in DELF A1. As for the questions, be ready, to do fill ups with one word answers, or to write a small piece of information like a name, a number, a date, a day or direction to a place etc. You may also have to match the information, with a photo, or tick the correct answer. To evaluate your listening comprehension skills at this level, you may also be given, one exercise based on true false, where you will listen to the document, and tell if the statement written is true or not, as per the audio. This part, seems to be the most difficult, to most of the students, so to practice for this part, you must listen to the cd given with the text book every day, along with some short video series in French. I have put a few links, in the description box, to help you. I have also added, links for you to buy a few DELF practice books, with which you can practice this part easily. The next part, is the reading section, which is of 30 minutes. In this part you will get 3 to 4 short texts to read, and answer the questions based on them. Texts are based, on day to day life situations, like a postcard, a mail etc. and expected questions are, true false with justification with the help of a phrase from the text, find the correct order etc. To prepare for this part, the best tip, is to read French texts, given in the book or sample papers. Students usually make mistakes, in true false questions, where they are not able, to justify their answers, with correct sentence from the text. So practice such questions a lot, and instead of assuming something to be true or false, just stick to what is written in the text. The last part of the exam, is the writing section, which goes on for 45 minutes. It has two questions, which are generally informal. The first one usually demands you to describe a past event or personal experience and it carries 13 marks. The second question is usually a letter, a mail or a postcard to invite a friend, to inform about something etc., and it carries 12 marks. So the basic difference, between A1 and A2 exam, lies in the fact, that the written answers should be longer, which means, you should write around 60 to 80 words. Moreover, the grammatical mistakes, which are ignored in A1 to a large extent, are penalized in DELF A2 exam. Link for DELF registration http://selflrn.com/afdnew/student-registration/index.php/StudentRegistration Link for DELF sample papers http://www.ciep.fr/en/delf-tout-public/sample-papers - French short series to practice for listening part https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hqGTWVyQQSpsh-5pyFo8Q Practice book http://amzn.to/2qhmRcM http://amzn.to/2oHDJfw Website: http://frenglishdelhi.com Mob: +91 9953 03 3955 Email: info@frenglishdelhi.com frenglishdelhi@gmail.com learn french online tutor how to clear delf a2 learn french online So good luck for your exam!
3 Brilliant Ways to Study for the SAT Physics Test You Never Thought Of
SAT Physics instructor Stephanie shows you 3 smart ways to study for the SAT Physics including using: 1. Phet simulations 2. Doubles graphs 3. Break it approach Connect with Prepped & Polished Website:http://www.preppedandpolished.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/preppedandpolished Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/preppedpolished Connect with Alexis Avila Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+AlexisAvila/ Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=1328133&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile     About Prepped & Polished: Prepped & Polished, LLC is a premier educational services company founded by educators in 1999. Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality customized learning experience available. We will help you achieve top grades, higher test scores, and meet your academic and professional-related goals. Whether you are looking for in-person or online Tutoring and Test Preparation, we are here to help you succeed. Our caring, dynamic educators graduated from some of the most elite schools in the nation, including University of Michigan, Harvard, Brown, and MIT. They are ready to provide you with the strategies, tools and guidance necessary to ensure academic and professional success. Prepped & Polished proudly serves Boston and its surrounding areas including: Weston, Wellesley, Wayland, Sudbury, Dover, Needham, Belmont, Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Newton, Brookline, Sherborn, Carlisle, Boston
Writing Good Questions
The best discussions grow out of great questions, but most people struggle in coming up with and asking questions. This video gives advice on how to create and ask questions that generate insight and discussion.
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CK: Corporate Board Meeting
The Head Fuhrer In Charge, of a large chain of gas stations... is not pleased.......
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I fixed the audio issue. I don't think you can tell in the video, but either way. If you like this, I'll play the rest of the game! I run around like an idiot in this episode, but I'd take it more seriously if I made it into a series. Subscribe for more! Like and Favorite if you like it and it's your favorite! Follow me on Twitter! - https://twitter.com/TajTout Weekly gaming schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri - Dead Space Tue/Thur/Sat - Halo: CE Mon-Sat - DmC PS - Please let me know if any of the annotations take you to the wrong place. I'll fix them as soon as possible
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AP SPANISH IN ENGLISH ONLINE VIDEO LESSON AONEPREP(www.aoneprep.net) 에이원프랩 온라인 강의 구매 및 과외 문의 02-584-8353
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Business Hero – Meetings offer from Hilton Worldwide
Super-power your next meeting. At Hilton Worldwide we’re always adding value – giving our business customers the power to have truly successful meetings. Book by 31st March 2015 and you can choose one complimentary meetings extra at a wide selection of hotels across Europe – on top of a FREE guest room for your site visit and FREE guest room for the event organiser when your meeting takes place. Super-powered meetings, super-motivated delegates. It’s time to be a true business hero. Watch our video for full offer details. To book and for full offer terms and conditions, visit hhonors.com/hero
How to write a good essay
How to write an essay- brief essays and use the principles to expand to longer essays/ even a thesis you might also wish to check the video on Interview technique (now on this channel too!)
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SAT Reading Comprehension Simulation - Passage 5
This video will show you how to read critically and answer SAT critical reading questions.
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12/7/18 Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) Meeting (Day 2)
12/7/18 Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) Meeting (Day 2) 8:30AM - 2PM
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What is Vedanta? (THE Spiritual Science) *with Swami Sarvadevananda*
More Videos with Swami: On Psychedelics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAiMj7Z2r8Q&t=14s On Being Lost in Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRZQVqqc7AU For More on Vedanta Visit: https://Vedanta.Org FREE Guided Meditation MP3: https://shopcrystalbox.com/collections/frontpage My Meditation Book: https://www.amazon.com/Meditation-Manual-Master-Awaken-Transcend/dp/1979606242 Support This Channel Here: https://www.paypal.me/KoiFresco ☯☯☯☯☯ Social Media ☯☯☯☯☯ Instagram: https://Instagram.com/KoiFresco Twitter: https://Twitter.com/KoiFresco ☯☯☯☯☯ legal ☯☯☯☯☯ All footage images used in this video are used legally for criticism, commentary & education, and are protected by the Fair Use Law/Act: Section 107 of the USC: https://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf For Business Inquiries ONLY contact: koifresco@gmail.com
PTSD School Board Meeting  4-13-15
Penn-Trafford School Board meeting April 13th, 2015
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7 band in IELTS
Call @ 98-1800-3238 Super Achievers Abroad Education is the prominent coaching institute for the training of IELTS, PTE-ACADEMIC,, TOEFL,GMAT exams. Call @ 98-1800-3238 Students are scoring 7 band in each in IELTS exam and 75 in PTE as well as 2300 points in SAT exam and TOEFL iBT 106. These students are very thankful to our sagacious mentors.
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Laura Lark: "Mission to Mars" | Talks at Google
Former NYC Googler, Laura Lark, served as one of six crew members participating in the fifth HI-SEAS (Hawai'i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) mission, a research designed to study human behavior and performance, helping NASA determine the individual and team requirements for long-duration space exploration missions—including travel to Mars. Lark lived for eight months as an astronaut, only stepping outside of the HI-SEAS habitat to carry out geological research wearing a mock space suit. "My technical background has already been useful in stabilizing our communications systems with Mission Support, but the other skills I picked up as a member of teams at Google and before may prove equally useful: how to troubleshoot, creative problem-solving, how to work with a large team (especially one dispersed geographically) to accomplish something very complex."
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It Takes Practice
A short film about the frustration of practice as a young dancer works for her upcoming eisteddfods. Performed by Kayleen Watson Choreographed by Hollie Hewett Location at Arete Academy of Arts Directed by Euphoric Studio Music by Bastille (We Can't Stop Cover for Triple J) http://www.aretearts.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/euphoricstudioaus
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Android Dev Summit 2018 Livestream | Day 2, Theater 2
Join us for day two of the Android Dev Summit 2018! This livestream covers Theater 2. Tune in for deep technical sessions with the Android engineering team. Check out all the sessions that will be featured in this livestream of Day 2 at the Android Dev Summit! All times are in PST. Learn more about the talks → http://bit.ly/2P9AxWt 20:10 - Trash Talk 1:09:16 - Use Android Text Like a Pro 1:29:15 - Files for Miles: Where to Store Them All? 1:59:33 - Deep Dive into the ART Runtime 3:53:48 - Android Emulator Deep Dive 4:43:28 - Vitals: Past, Present & Future 5:05:41 - Re-stitching Plaid with Kotlin 5:34:23 - Getting the Most from the New Multi-Camera API 6:44:22 - Deep Dive into Android Studio Profilers 7:34:18 - Testing Android Apps at Scale with Nitrogen Android Dev Summit '18 all sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/ADS18-Sessions Subscribe to the Android Channel! → http://bit.ly/AndroidDevs1 Music by Terra Monk → http://bit.ly/2yVAcxd #AndroidDevSummit
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CQC Board Meeting 16 April 2014
Agenda for the meeting of the Care Quality Commission Board held on Wednesday, 16 April 2014: 1. Apologies and declarations of interest 0:01 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2014 1:15 3. Matters arising and action log 1:27 4. Chief Executive's report 2:33 5. Chief Inspector of General Practice update 34:12 6. Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care update 48:42 7. Chief Inspector of Hospitals update 59:27 8. Thematic review - topic selection 1:26:19 8A. Inequality in EOLC scope 1:48:47 9. Knowledge and information strategy 1:58:16 10. Oracle database and OBIEE licences procurement 2:32:09 11. New approach from HWE perspective 2:35:48 12. Audit and Corporate Governance Committee (ACG) report to the board 2:58:16 13. Board forward plan 2:58:39 14. Any other business 2:58:57 15. Questions from the floor 2:59:41 Read more about CQC's Board Meetings at http://www.cqc.org.uk/public/about-us/our-people/board-members/board-meetings
CQC BoardMeeting 16 October 2013
Agenda for the meeting of the Care Quality Commission on 16 October 2013: 1. Apologies and declarations of interest 0:00:01 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2013 0:00:20 3. Matters arising and action log 0:00:25 4. Chief Executive's report 0:00:33 5. Chief Inspector of Hospitals update 0:26:40 6. Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care update 0:44:53 7. Chief Inspector of General Practice - introduction 0:57:56 8. Finance report 1:23:50 9. Transformation programme update 1:35:03 10. Complaints update report 1:36:48 11. Healthwatch England 1:59:47 12. Any other business 2:08:41 Read more about CQC's Board Meetings at http://www.cqc.org.uk/public/about-us/our-people/board-members/board-meetings
CQC Board Meeting 23 September 2015
The Care Quality Commission's Board Meeting was held in London on 23 September 2015 Please scroll below to navigate the agenda items: 1 Values Based Organisation and Leadership 0:35 2 Apologies and Declarations of Interest 1:04:23 3 Minutes of the meeting held on 29 July 2015 1:04:55 4 Matters Arising and action log 1:04:55 5 Chief Executive's Report 1:05:55 6 Fit and Proper Person 1:42:42 7 Duty of Candour 1:42:42 8 A. Full report from Regulatory Governance Committee held on 28 July B. Report from Regulatory Governance Committee meeting held 22 September 2:21:01 9 Questions 2:29:39 10 Any Other Business 2:45:07 Read more about CQC's Board Meetings at http://www.cqc.org.uk/public/about-us/our-people/board-members/board-meetings
The Masters Series: Michael Bierut in Conversation with Steven Heller
In conjunction with the 27th annual Masters Series award and exhibition, SVA will be live streaming 2015 Masters Series honoree Michael Bierut in conversation with MFA Design Co-chair Steven Heller beginning at 7:00pm EST on Wednesday, October 14. The conversation will take place at the SVA Theatre and is free and open to the public (http://www.sva.edu/events/events-exhibitions/artist-talk-michael-bierut-in-conversation-with-steven-heller). In addition, Bierut will be answering questions submitted via Twitter. To submit a question, use the hashtag #BierutSVA. Michael Bierut is widely admired in the creative world and beyond for his intelligent contributions to the design field, his expertise as a cultural critic and his tireless role as a mentor and educator. He has been a partner in the acclaimed design firm Pentagram since 1990. Prior to joining Pentagram, he worked for 10 years at Vignelli Associates, ultimately as vice president of graphic design. His clients at Pentagram have included The New York Times, Saks Fifth Avenue, the New York City Department of Transportation, MIT Media Lab, Yale School of Architecture, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Penguin Random House, the New York Jets, the Robin Hood Foundation and Nuts.com. For more info on Bierut, including his many awards, click here: http://www.sva.edu/events/events-exhibitions/the-masters-series-michael-bierut For a recent New York Times article on Bierut and his Master Series award and exhibition, read The Man Who Designed Manhattan (http://nyti.ms/1Q5RGqY).
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Advanced Business English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL   Commercial Law, 2
DO YOU WISH TO DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL? Our approach is based on scientific research; linking emotional intelligence to leadership and business success. Our goal is to become the premier online meeting point for Entrepreneurs, with the largest group of aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business Providers of any company; anywhere! SIGN UP to Your NEURS network and START NOW! Request an invitation here: http://AntrepreNEURS.neurs.net
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Test your level in French - Video to know your level in French - Speak & Learn French
French Learning Video Blog, test your French. More fun & sexy videos to learn how to speak French at: http://www.ohlalaispeakfrench.com. Includes free lessons on French grammar, vocabulary and conjugations. Educational web series "Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!" includes simple dialogs for French beginner to intermediate learners: http://www.ohlalaispeakfrench.com/hollywood-speaks-french Full French for beginners' course available at http://www.curious.com/ohlalaispeakfrench
Merry kittenmas!
I want to help you achieve the grades you (and I) know you are capable of; these grades are the stepping stone to your future. Even if you don't want to study science or maths further, the grades you get now will open doors in the future. Get exam ready for GCSE Maths https://www.primrosekitten.com/pages/get-exam-ready-gcse-maths Get exam ready for GCSE science AQA https://www.primrosekitten.com/pages/get-exam-ready-gcse-science-aqa Edexcel https://www.primrosekitten.com/pages/get-exam-ready-gcse-science-edexcel To help you get even better grades I’ve written a lot of e-books, packed full of loads of excellent questions to help you study. Because the best thing you can do is practice. Visit my website for e-books, flashcards and extension questions https://www.primrosekitten.com Combined Science required practical book http://geni.us/DOshu Biology required practical book http://geni.us/2aGmjIL Chemistry required practical book http://geni.us/lepsNQ Physics required practical book http://geni.us/oeQPxAO Revision Guide for AQA Printed by Amazon http://geni.us/tEE3 Extended Revision Guide for AQA Printed by Amazon http://geni.us/j2VJY Revision Guide for Edexcel Printed by Amazon http://geni.us/qBugS Extended Revision Guide for Edexcel Printed by Amazon http://geni.us/uDhSd iGCSE Revision Guide for Edexcel Printed by Amazon http://geni.us/xM0QDz iGCSE Extended Revision Guide for Edexcel Printed by Amazon http://geni.us/ze3XKo3 What I’m Reading https://www.primrosekitten.com/collections/what-im-reading Suggested science reading that isn't subject specific https://www.primrosekitten.com/collections/awesome-science-reading Physics Reading List... https://www.primrosekitten.com/collections/reading-for-a-level-physics Biology Reading List... https://www.primrosekitten.com/collections/reading-for-a-level-biology Chemistry Reading list... https://www.primrosekitten.com/collections/reading-for-a-level-chemistry Some of the links in here are affiliate links, where is get a small percentage of any money spent, if you like my channel and want to support my work, clicking these is an easy way to do it. The 'whole of the topic in … minutes' videos DO NOT comprehensively cover everything you need to know for your exams. It would be impossible to include 2 years of teaching in 1 hour. These should NOT be your only source of revision https://youtu.be/K6d4oOq-pmU My exam predictions are just GUESSES!! I don't have any insider knowledge just years of looking at exam papers. Disclaimer; You should not carry out any of these practical’s without carrying out a full risk assessment of your own first. I am human, and I make mistakes, please point out any that you find and there is no need to follow that with a load of abuse. TuitionKit allows you to schedule your revision videos, mine and loads of other great YouTubers! http://bit.ly/2yYIxxG PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu Music; Something Elated by Broke For Free. From the Free Music Archive, CC BY Images from; Classroom Core (TpT), Hidesy Clipart (TpT), The Cher Room (TpT), The Triple Point (TpT), Ninja Woman (TpT), The Painted Crew (TpT) Teacher's Clipart (TpT) Shutterstock
"Introduction to lucid dreaming" online lecture sample
A selection of lecture content regarding Lucidipedia.com's online class "Introduction to lucid dreaming". Please visit http://www.lucidipedia.com to attend other lectures and workshops to learn and enjoy lucid dreaming.
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MY FIRST (real) DATE!! | Dream Daddy - Part 3
It's time for my first (official) date! Some real 'dad' time with my bro daddy! My broddy! My dadro! My dro! Subscribe Today! ► http://bit.ly/Markiplier Play Dream Daddy ► http://store.steampowered.com/app/654880/Dream_Daddy_A_Dad_Dating_Simulator/ Awesome Games Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tRBEVW0hiDAf0LeFLFH8S83JWBjvtqE Scary Games Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tRBEVW0hiBSFOFhTC5wt75P2BES0rAo Follow my Instagram ► http://instagram.com/markipliergram Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/markiplier Like me on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/markiplier Join us on Reddit! ► https://www.reddit.com/r/Markiplier/ Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted Happy Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/hielia/minimusicman-crazy-la-paint
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Ryan Holiday: How to Create Work That Lasts | Chase Jarvis LIVE
Ryan Holiday is an author and media strategist. His career in marketing started at age 19, where he dropped out of college to work with Robert Green. He soon found his way as the director of marketing for American Apparel, then went on to start his own creative agency, Brass Check, who advises the likes of Google, Tim Ferriss, and Tony Robbins. He’s quite the writer, making the New York Times bestseller list with multiple of the 6 books he’s released in the last 5 years. Ryan is a master marketer and what you’ll find at the core of his marketing principles are his personal principles. He applies a Stoic philosophy to everything he does and this episode is overflowing with philosophies, self directed questions, and stories that has helped him make work that stands the test of time, and will help you do the same. In today's episode we discuss: * Good marketing isn’t taking pictures or writing copy that sell shoes anymore. It’s just as much about making work that starts a discussion. * You’re going to get a little crash course on Stoic philosophy and how to use your own mindset to propel your creative endeavors in three simple but challenging steps. Control your perception, take action, and look forward to the transformation that hardship brings. * The two questions you should be asking yourself before starting any creative project are “who is this for?” and “what does this do for them?” If you think long term about the impact that you want to make, it will help you persevere when the going gets tough. Enjoy! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at www.chasejarvis.com/podcast.  -- ► Useful? Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/chasejarvis?sub_confirmation=1 Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think! =========================== CONNECT WITH ME: =========================== Get VIP-only content and stay up-to-date with the latest: http://chasejarvis.com/vip WEBSITE: http://www.chasejarvis.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/chasejarvis TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/chasejarvis INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chasejarvis GOOGLE+: http://plus.google.com/chasejarvis SNAPCHAT: http://snapchat.com/add/chasejarvis ----- Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, fine artist and entrepreneur. Chase is cited as one of the most influential photographers of the past decade. As an entrepreneur, Chase created Best Camera - the world's first mobile photo app to share images direct to social networks - sparking the global photo sharing craze. He is currently the founder & CEO of CreativeLive, the world's largest live-streaming online education company, having delivered more than a billion minutes of free live education worldwide.
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11/19/18  Historic Zoning Commission Meeting
Coverage of the Historic Zoning Commission Meeting held at the Howard Office Complex on November 19, 2018
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McLain Amphipathic Solvation of Indole at spreading-science.org
Amphipathic Solvation of Indole: Implications for the Role of Tryptophan in Membrane Proteins. Andrew J. Johnston(1), Yapei (Rosie) Zhang(2), Sebastian Busch(3), Luis Carlos Pardo(4), Silvia Imberti(5), and Sylvia E. McLain(1). (1) Dpt. of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K. (2) Dpt. of Biochemistry, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, United States (3) German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS), Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ), Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht GmbH Lichtenbergstrasse 1, 85747 Garching bei München, Germany (4) Dpt. de Física, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (5) ISIS Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, Chilton, U.K. THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY J. Phys. Chem. B, 2015, 119 (19), pp 5979 Abstract: The microscopic structure of the tryptophan side chain, indole, in an amphiphilic environment has been investigated using a combination of neutron diffraction measurements and simulations in solution... Read the paper: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.jpcb.5b02476
2Days & 1Night Season3 : Fall Trip to Taebaek Part 1 [ENG, THA / 2018.09.30]
Click the "Caption" button to activate subtitle!! - Cast: Cha Taehyun(차태현), Kim Jongmin(김종민), Kim Junho(김준호), Defconn(데프콘), Yoon Siyoon(윤시윤), Jung Joonyoung(정준영) #2d1n #oppa #2d1n_full #2d1n_ep715 #2d1n_taebaek * 2Days & 1Night Season3 sub eng - Fall Trip to Taebaek Part 1 ▶Subscribe KBS World Official Pages Youtube Subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/kbsworld Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kbsworldtv/ Line: https://goo.gl/g5iRQV Android Download : http://bit.ly/1NOZFKr IOS Download : http://apple.co/1NktctW
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AP French Oral Homework
Speaking practice assignment for my AP French Class...I was really nervous X/ Assignment: Pg 359 Lecon 26 Exercice 6 Expression Personnelle Pg 367 Lecon 27 Exercice 5 Expression Personnelle
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Student Testimonial-Vizag
Ms Suneela Sai Bongarala. She is a Vizag student and she is currently pursuing Master of Design from UNISA Click here to know more https://www.idp.com/india/studyabroad/studentsspeak/australia?utm_source=YouTube%20Testimonial&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=UGC Visit IDP India FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/IDPIndia/
Richard Barker: "Multiple Monitors of the Mind" | Talks at Google
Hypnotherapist and comedian Richard Barker came by the Google NYC office to deliver a program called "Multiple Monitors of the Mind," which demonstrates a laser focus through Self Hypnosis Mastery and multi-tasking explained through the subconscious mind. High achievers all have one thing in common -- guided focus. During the event, Richard will talk about multi and micro subconscious tasking and having multiple monitors in the mind. It has been proven that each thought and task becomes degraded with multiple focus -- so how do we laser focus on individual achievement? Hypnosis is the continuous stream of focus that creates the clear visualization of the end product. Staying internally focused on a given suggestion is more powerful than knowledge. Therefore, the instant you think of something else, the task in hand diminishes. You will learn how to self-hypnotize and may even realize some of you are doing it already.
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