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Indian Ringneck Mating Dance
“For licensing and usage, contact: licensing@viralhog.com” I wrote a book on Indian Ringnecks! http://www.blurb.com/b/5488025-indian-ringneck-parakeet-guide-book Daffodil my Female Lutino Indian ringneck, and Bubbles my male blue indian ringneck. Female has her head back and eyes pinned. Male is doing a heart shape thing with his wings and bouncing around doing a jig. My floor in the bird room is concrete, painted light blue, and then I used a sock to slap the darker blue on in swirls. Follow my flock! www.Facebook.com/IndianRingnecks
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female ringneck pheasants@ One Tree Hill
A pair of Ringneck Pheasants in the wild (sort of). These ones live in the grounds of Cornwall park and One Tree Hill in Auckland New Zealand. Ring neck Pheasants are common in the wild in New Zealand, although they are of course not native. This pair of females are fighting over a food item.
Cockatiel hates the cat
Totoro is not happy about the cat. She is being a turd because of it so I sang her a little song about it.
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albino parrot plays football
Marta's albino parrot plays football
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Shamsie vs Halloween wreath
I'm trying to put it together, she just wants to pull it apart.
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Nymphensittich kraulen Coco 01
Dieses Video wurde von einem Android-Telefon hochgeladen.
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NYMPHENSITTICH auf Entdeckung / Eddy und Amy # 2
Eddy (13 Jahre) ist neugierig, er fragt sich was hinter dem Schrank ist:) Amy (2 Jahre) läuft immer von der Kamera weg :D PS die Wand wurde nicht angeknabbert, also keine Sorgen !
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