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Foreign Correspondent: Meet the Frackers 02-28-12
http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2012/s3441606.htm http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-02-28/meet-the-frackers/3858344 February 28, 2012 Season 21 Episode 4 "...There's a new resident moving into America's cities and suburbs, peeking over backyard fences and casting a shadow over shopping malls. Some folks are being right neighbourly and are welcoming the new arrival. But many more are fretting about how the stranger might dramatically impact their safe and peaceful suburban lives. It's setting neighbour against neighbour and dividing communities. Honey, meet the Frackers..." "...If conniving TV oil baron JR Ewing stepped out onto the porch of Southfork and surveyed a sprawl of fine suburban housing intermingled with oil and gas plants you'd be sure that characteristic big wide winners' grin would break out across the Dallas bad guy's dial. Surely this is a triumphant picture of industry at harmony with residential life. An American dreamland. But this isn't Southfork, Dallas it's Southlake, Dallas and many residents aren't so taken with the idea of drilling rigs pressing up against their backyard fences. 'There is no amount of money that will convince me that we should have this in the middle of our neighbourhoods. I'm not going to put a price tag on the health and safety and well being of my family.' DIANE HARRIS Southlake resident Spreading beneath Southlake and a chain of communities fanning out from the big Texan centre is an oil and gas rich Eldorado called the Barnett Shale field and developers are stampeding for a piece of the action. It's all part of an accelerated quest within the United States for energy independence, to loosen the reliance on the Middle East and shoot for home grown solutions to energy demand. But to liberate the bounty below calls for a controversial process called Fracking. Fracking involves injected huge quantities of water and chemicals into a subterranean setting shattering the shale and releasing gas and oil. 'A lot of things that are generated during this process are known to be harmful to human beings. But it's similar in my mind to how we found out about cigarette smoking and cancer. It wasn't that we did a study and found out oh no look cigarettes cause cancer, it was 40, 50 years of ah... exposure.' DR GORDON AALUND Emergency Doctor and Southlake Resident In this revealing journey through America's suburban heartland and onto where fracking is taking place on a panoramic scale in hitherto moribund states like North Dakota, North America Correspondent Michael Brissenden hears very conflicting views about the pros and cons of fracking. There's the young urban gas jock making a bundle on a rig outside Fort Worth. 'Every day, probably to the end of this world, we'll keep drillin'. There will be holes in the ground and we will be there.' TAYLOR HINKLE, Rig worker There's the North Dakota county development chief watching the boom go kaboom! and dramatically transforming his state. 'A boom beyond - I think it's safe to say - anything that anybody has really seen in this country since probably the land rushes in the early 1900's.' GENE VEEDER Watford City, McKenzie County And there's the small Dakota landholder who says her pristine creek has been tainted by underground leaks generated by fracking such that it doesn't freeze over, even in the depths of a bitter North Dakota winter. Jacki Schilke is also blaming fracking for her failing health. 'They're here to rape this land, make as much money as they can and get the hell out of here. They could give a crap less what they are doing here. They will come on your property look you straight in the eye and lie to you. And they will leave without a second thought and they don't care'JACKI SCHILKE, North Dakota farmer As the fracking question gathers momentum locally -- are we glimpsing an Australian future?..." Transcript- http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2012/s3441606.htm & http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-02-28/meet-the-frackers/3858344
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Peak oil: Meet the frackers
All the oil majors and energy agencies - including ExxonMobil, BP, the IEA and the EIA - project that we can meet growing world oil demand for the next two decades with increased production from OPEC, more unconventional oil production, biofuels, better extraction technology and massive growth in the uptake of hybrid cars. But there's something wrong with this picture. Not only might this not be possible; it might be simply unthinkable, at least for unconventional oil production. Oil industry boosters and their enablers in the media and financial community are currently crowing about fracking for shale oil, the controversial practice of injecting chemicals, sand and water into rock under pressure, kilometres under the earth, close to vital water aquifers. This process is being spruiked as having turned around US oil production. Well, this is true to a degree, as it has caused an increase in US oil production, but is a long, long way from equalling the peak of production in 1970-71, and it is very unlikely that it will ever do so. The process is expensive, the wells peak very quickly, the economics are debatable, and the environmental impacts are highly undesirable. Australia's ABC recently travelled to the US to "meet the frackers", and see what it would be like if we decided to roll out fracking to meet our oil production needs. Check it out yourself. See what living amongst oil rigs would be like. Then ask yourself whether this is the sort of world you would want to live in. For those that are interested, I have a longer explanation, and take a thorough look at shale oil production in the US, on my blog at: http://ianmcpherson.com/blog/?p=1839 Visit the ABC's Foreign Correspondent page: http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2012/s3441606.htm Recorded on my iMac using EyeTV.
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ABC.Foreign.Correspondent.The.Amazon.of.Asia. Lao dams is destroying the ecosystem Mekong River?
Louielamson2000 Channel :-: Education Societal Networks Lao dams destruction destroying the ecosystem on Mekong River? https://youtube.com/watch?v=dC07S8QuSlw "Ruthless damming of Mekong river could displace millions" (Journeyman Pictures) https://youtube.com/watch?v=DyNMONYymZ8 (Hydropower on the Mekong - Progress or folly?) DW (English) https://youtube.com/watch?v=1zwK9YP046g Laos Dams Destruction Mekong River? "Journeyman Pictures"
ABC's China correspondent watched at every turn
Foreign Correspondent has come face to face with the current crackdown in China. Reporter Stephen McDonell sees for himself the difficulties experienced by some of China's Christian community practising their faith.
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Medical marijuana 'Cannabis Inc ' - Foreign Correspondent, ABC (2014)
ABC Australia's "Foreign Correspondent" program takes a look at medicinal/medical marijuana and its legalization.
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PNG - Dr Dim Dim - Foreign Correspondent - ABC[2].wmv
Dr Barry Kirby pioneering maternal mortality reduction in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea, July 2015
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The Zombies From Wall Street - Foreign Correspondent
Next time the dinner party conversation turns to property values, consider this: in once-proud American neighbourhoods, two-storey houses are being dumped at auction for a few hundred dollars. Some are literally being given away. In Cleveland, Ohio – once America’s economic powerhouse – it’s almost a daily event, a legacy of the banking villainy that gave us the GFC. And now, believe it or not, the banks are playing havoc again. Is this a family show? – Cleveland politician and activist, Jim Rokakis, when asked for a comment on the banks. When reporter Paul Barry visited the Midwest city in 2007, “subprime” loans were pushing thousands of families into default. Many were evicted. Others just walked away, emptying out once thriving neighbourhoods. Everybody’s gone. I’m the old lady on the street now. – East Cleveland resident Stephanie Benifield Now Barry returns to Cleveland to find prices have plunged so far that many houses are worthless. Banks don’t even bother to foreclose on defaulters. And homeowners are now being stalked by “zombie mortgages”, which leave them liable for property taxes and maintenance costs they can’t afford, even if they’ve left their homes and declared bankruptcy. We’re the guys behind the elephant cleaning up the mess - and it’s a big bucket that we’ve gotta carry these days. – local councillor Tony Brancatelli Brancatelli’s “big bucket” must hold the debris of 20,000 decaying homes, shunned by banks or buyers and now being reluctantly bulldozed by local authorities. Vacant lots, like broken teeth on a smile – Jim Rokakis, surveying a local streetscape The price collapse means thousands of people in Cleveland have had their most precious asset stripped of all value. Nationally, the devastation beggars belief It’s estimated... that the minority community, African-American and Hispanic, have taken a $1.2 trillion hit between 2000 and 2010 to their net worth – Jim Rokakis It’s not only Americans who are taking a hit, but also speculators from China, Russia and Europe – even a Coptic bishop in Egypt But as Paul Barry reports, a few locals are finding surprising opportunities amid the ruins. Not everyone flees from The Zombies of Wall Street. Reporter - Paul Barry Producer - Lin Buckfield Camera - Bradley Fulton Editor - Stuart Miller
ABC's China correspondent watched at every turn
Foreign Correspondent's Stephen McDonell reveals what it's like to be followed by Chinese secret police as he tries to report on the country's Christian community practising their faith. Watch as he confronts the agents who were making his assignment almost impossible.
Foreign Correspondent - Moscow Rules
Australian ABC's report on the conflict in Ukraine. Aired 18/03/2014 The report starts at 1:47. Prior to that is just a preview of future episodes. Sorry,I should have cut that out.
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Bahrain - Kingdom, Undercover - Foreign Correspondent - ABC .part 1
report about Bahrain revolution that started in 14 Feb. it follows the events up to after the Saudi intervention. Basically it is very good and balance report.
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Foreign Correspondent: Building the perfect bug
Scientists have created a version of the killer bird flu virus that can be transmitted atmospherically by a cough or a sneeze, but their plans to publish this research - including a how-to - has created a storm.
The battle over US debt
A fierce debate has erupted between Democrats and Republicans on whether to raise the American Government's debt limit. The ABC's Washington correspondent, Michael Brissenden, reveals the potentially devastating consequences.
Chemical Time Bomb (Four Corners)
Sprayers: Now Dead or Dying thanks to exposure to 245t 24d 50/50 solution "Agent Orange" in the 1980's now 2014 and nothing of real significance has been done to provide fair and just restitution and compensation family or worker for such an industrial crime
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Foreign Correspondent Titles
A global theme for ABC TV show, Foreign Correspondent.
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Foreign Correspondent ''East Timor The Clinic'' 120814 (featuring our patients Jeca and Tomas)
As doctors and healthcare workers continue the challenge of treating preventable diseases in East Timor, Foreign Correspondent reporter Sophie McNeill spends time in Dili's Bairo Pite Clinic, with an inspiring medical team providing free health care services to thousands. Diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis, heart failure, severe malnutrition, and infant diarrhoea are common and widespread - and over 50% of children under the age of five are said to be underweight and stunted for their age. Meanwhile, deaths in childbirth are among the highest in the whole of Asia. Meet team leader Dr. Dan, who came from the U.S, set up the clinic, and decided to stay. More info: http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/
Viral video provides clues to 747 crash
A video purportedly showing a 747 crash may offer clues to what happened. This video may be graphic for some viewers.
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Fracking Future
There's growing interest in exploring the Territory's on-shore gas resources, but the surge in exploration applications has stakeholders very concerned. The controversial practice known as fracking has caused deep division in communities across the world and along Australia's eastern seaboard. So what future does fracking have here in the Northern Territory and are we ready for it?
Michael Brissenden on Washington's original black leader
Reflecting on the year that was 2010, North America correspondent Michael Brissenden revisits his meeting with controversial political figure Marion Barry.
Foreign Correspondent: The Gender Mission
Broadcast: 05.08.2014 When the young women of the Norwegian Border Guard turn in after a long day patrolling along a stretch of their nation's northern border with Russia, chances are there will be men in the room. They're the fellow soldiers they've been working with, training with and sometimes ordering around in the field. Despite the seamless sleeping arrangements, the conflicting habits of males and females, it all seems to work. Harassment and sexual assault, already comparatively low in Norway's armed forces, is on the wane. "It started because the mission is on the border so we do have to live in tents and small cabins. There is nothing special about it anymore so the tension between the sexes isn't there any more." MAJ. MICHAEL ROZMARA - Chief of staff, Norwegian Border Guard. Led by a formidable front-line of women, including Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her predominantly female cabinet which includes defence Minister Ine Eriksen, Norway is leading the charge to an inclusive, cohesive unisex defence force. They want the armed services to become as progressive and gender-blind as the top echelons of government. "We would like to choose from the most motivated men and women, because we think that we cannot afford in a modern Armed Forces to not use the competencies that both genders have." INE ERIKSEN Norwegian Defence Minister As technology and sophisticated communications strategies change the way military campaign are conducted, Norway has concluded that women inherently possess skills and qualities that are vital to the defence program. But in order for military leaders to bolster female numbers they need to ensure women feel safe among their male colleagues and that they have a clear path to succeed in the service. Colonel Ingrid Gjerde is one woman who's become a compelling role model. She rose to command all of Norway's forces in Afghanistan. "Leadership is all about building healthy cultures, and to build healthy cultures you have to respect every single person, man and woman. And then there is a zero tolerance for harassment." COLONEL INGRID GJERDE - Military Academy and Officer Candidate School, Norway Following a spate of sexual and harassment scandals in the Australian Defence Force, a concerted campaign is underway to change culture and combat the problem. Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner is heavily involved in that effort and she’s watching the program in Norway closely. "It is quite a radical approach. In many militaries around the world it is about just pouring women in and just stir and we know that won’t lead to greater capability, what it is about changing the structures and practices so both men and women can thrive. I think the way the Norwegians are heading and it is very interesting to watch what is happening." ELIZABETH BRODERICK Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Foreign Correspondent's Eric Campbell travels to the remote and breath-takingly beautiful Arctic corner of Norway to examine the gender experiment first hand. Reporter: Eric Campbell Producer: Suzanne Smith Cameras: David Martin, Ron Foley Editor: Nicholas Brenner Research: Gunn Evy Auestad All rights reserved. Copyright ABC. Also available on http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2014/s4061340.htm
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Hillary Taps Pro-Fracker To Head Her Transition Team
Signaling that she won't prioritize progressive policy positions, Hillary Clinton appointed Ken Salazar, a pro-fracking lobbyist Jimmy Dore breaks it down. Recorded live at the Burbank Comedy Festival at Flappers Comedy Club with Eddie Pepitone, Stef Zamorano, Robert Yasumura and Jim Earl. Subscribe Here ▶ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TYTComedy Full audio version of The Jimmy Dore Show on iTunes ▶ https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-jimmy-dore-show/id390071758 Join our community by liking, commenting and sharing to help us reach a wider audience. Keep it positive! Strong independent media depends on your support. Here's how to contribute: ▶ Become a premium member ▶ http://www.JimmyDoreComedy.com ▶ Use this Amazon link to do your shopping (Bookmark it!) ▶ http://www.amazon.com/?tag=comedylinking-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=390957 Jimmy Dore on Twitter ▶ https://twitter.com/Jimmy_Dore Stef Zamorano on Twitter ▶ https://twitter.com/stefanezamorano Eddie Pepitone on Twitter ▶ https://twitter.com/eddiepepitone Jim Earl on Twitter ▶ https://twitter.com/jimearl666 Robert Yasumura on Twitter ▶ https://twitter.com/teamyasumura Hank Thompson on Twitter ▶ https://twitter.com/Hank_Thompson ABOUT THE JIMMY DORE SHOW: The Jimmy Dore Show is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country. It is part of the Young Turks Network-- the largest online news show in the world.
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Foreign Correspondent - Simon Taylor and Claire Sullivan 'Live on Bowen' - S6E06
Simon and Claire shows us what happening around the world in places, that are not Australia, in our new segment 'Foreign Correspondent.' Join host Simon Taylor, Claire Sullivan, Peter Jones, Elizabeth Davie and Rob Caruana for the sixth episode of 'Live on Bowen' Season Six. The team are joined by our very special guests, Thando Sikwila and Justin Hamilton and stand up from Tessa Waters as Womanz. This episode was filmed at RMIT University TV Studios in Melbourne, Australia on the 19th June, 2015 and was broadcast on C31 Melbourne and Geelong on the 22nd of June, 2015. 'Live on Bowen' Season Six broadcasts from May to the end of June 2015 in... ◕ Melbourne and Geelong: Channel 31 (Digital 44), Mondays 8:30pm ◕ Queensland: 31 Digital, Mondays 8:30pm ◕ New Zealand: Face Television - Sky Channel 083, Tuesdays 11:00pm More info: http://www.liveonbowen.com Free Tickets: http://www.liveonbowen.com/audience or email audience@liveonbowen.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/liveonbowen Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/liveonbowen Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/liveonbowen Tumblr: http://www.liveonbowen.tumblr.com Live On Bowen is an RMITV Production (http://www.rmitv.org)
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US questions nuclear power plans
The United States has a number of nuclear reactors and an unstable Pacific fault line. The unfolding nuclear emergency in Japan has left the US questioning their own nuclear power plans and has given rise to calls for a pause in nuclear development. North America correspondent, Michael Brissenden reports.
Dayne Pratzky Extended Interview, "Four Corners: The Gas Rush"
Dayne Pratzky, 'Chinchilla' Landowner http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20110221/gas/ See also "Four Corners: The Gas Rush 02-21-11"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCMcr27uAg4
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Jack Hamilton on the Impact of Corporate News on Foreign Correspondence
For more on this event, visit: http://bit.ly/TKi3Ju For a full-length video of this event, visit: http://bit.ly/XnP1SZ For more on the Berkley Center, visit: http://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu February 20, 2013 | Foreign correspondents have played a crucial role in world events ranging from the Vietnam War to the fall of the Berlin Wall, but their role continues to evolve as news organizations adapt their business models to the technological developments of the twenty-first century. Jack Hamilton, longtime journalist, scholar, and public servant, discussed the changing role of foreign correspondents in the era of social media, widespread newspaper bankruptcy, and public diplomacy. This event was sponsored by the Berkley Center, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, and Global Human Development Program. Dr. John Maxwell Hamilton, a long-time journalist, author, and public servant, is the Hopkins P. Breazeale Professor in Louisiana State University's Manship School of Mass Communication and a senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. As a journalist, Hamilton reported for the Milwaukee Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, and ABC radio. He was a longtime commentator for MarketPlace, broadcast nationally by Public Radio International. In government, Hamilton oversaw nuclear non-proliferation issues for the House Foreign Affairs Committee, served in the State Department during the Carter administration as an advisor to the head of the US foreign aid program in Asia, and managed a World Bank program to educate Americans about economic development. Hamilton's most recent book is Journalism's Roving Eye: A History of American Newsgathering Abroad (2009).
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