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sasuke hates his fan girls
Sasuke hates his crazy and nutty fan girls. or does he? you'll see at the ending sasuke has a sweet heart. thanks to S.D.A.
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I send this video to the naruto cosplayer to response back to this video by dancing for the emo sasuke. (shadowgirl610 aka well... me) SO IF YOU'RE A NARUTO FAN AND YOU DRESS LIKE ANY CHARACTER FROM NARUTO THEN GET YOUR CAMERAS READY AND SEND A THE VIDEO TO SASUKE (ME). Song: Love & Joy by Yuki Kimura productions by S.D.A.
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New York Anime Festival 2009 part1
this video video is from that Anime festival in New York 2009 on a saturday. These just show the pictures with some music I put into. I just took some pics to show everone and boy that was the best day of my whole life. I only will go every once a year every saturday. Was there was some friends and hang out with other people who are really cool. I feel bad cause i did take any picture of my other friend who was there.^^
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Grossest thing ever in class
omg! today in class at period 4th i was siting next to my friend and boyfriend so then he's laughing at something so funny. I see what he's looking at I'm just dying laughing next to him. so was everyone else. I'm sorry but this was just to funny.
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This video is for my good friend joey(blondewolf2) since his/her account got suspensed I just want him/her to remeber that his/her friends and fans are still with him/her by his/her side even though the bad times. Even whenhe/she is not with us or even if he's far away. Every since one of his fan with still care no matter what.
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New York Anime Festival 2009 part 2
This is part 2, these are just the videos I took when I was at the new York Anime Frstival. It was awsome, and the best thing in my whole live. So happy cause this was a better year. Btw If i do go to this on next year I'm going every saturday once a year. But at least its worth it.
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Girl throws puppies in river (reaction after)
(YOU MIGHT WANT TO WATCH IT LOUD CAUSE YOU CAN'T HEAR ME THAT MUCH) This is my reaction after the video was over. Last time I seen sometime like this was with a army guy just throwing a puppy. But this video make me sick and cryed so much after. Cause how can you do that kinda stuff to animal? Trying to not cry is hard. HERE IS THE LINK TO THAT VIDEO http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/31/girl-sparks-animal-activi_n_701011.html (no spaces) BTW I'm never watching that video again.
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Caramelldansen (Joeyblondewolf2 & shadowgirl610)
This is just a random video I made cause I just got bored and wanted to make something for joeyblondewolf2. This is Caramelldansen but it's the rock version I guess. (QUOTE:NOT MY MUSIC) Please,COMMENT,RATE, AND SUBSCRIBE! please. =3
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nyaf2010 Need help to be cosplayed as
srry but this is one crapp vid I made quickly. i hate it. Well the New york anime festival for 2010 is coming up and we need help 2 know who we are going to be. Me and my boyfriend.
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