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Style CC1104 - Chiffon Girls Semi Formal Dress (ges 2 - 12)
Perfect for a weekend special occasion or her 8th grade graduation. This style comes in 7 great colors and is made from American Manufacturer Cinderella Couture. For more details on this style visit here: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/flower-girl-dresses/230-yoru-chiffon-with-ruffled-shoulder-in-ivory.html
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Style CC721 - Flower Girl Dress : ChildrensDressShop.com
An adorable short flower girl dress available in 10 colors. Cut to fit girls sizes 2 - 14. This dress is a perfect little garment for a semi or formal event. Soft breathable fabric that is fully lined perfect for a warm weather summer or outdoor wedding. This dress is available in gold: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/357-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-gold.html This dress is available in red: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/353-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-red.html This dress is available in garden rose: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/356-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-dusty-rose.html This dress is available in silver: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/349-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-silver.html This dress is available in purple: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/350-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-purple.html This dress is available in raspberry: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/351-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-berry.html This dress is available in royal blue: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/352-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-royal-blue.html This dress is available in ivory: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/354-elegant-ruffled-taffeta-girls-party-dress-in-ivory.html
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Communion Dress Catalog 2016 - Childrens Dress Shop
Newest selections at the Children's Dress Shop for the Spring Season for 2016 in Communion dresses for girls. Sizes range from toddler size 2 all the way to plus size 20 http://www.slideshare.net/FlowerGirlPrincessCom/communion-dress-catelog-2016-childrens-dress-shop
Flower Girl Dress Style CB321 : childrensdressshop.com
This is a darling dress for any special occasion! The dress has gorgeous rhinestones along the high cut empress waist line for some added glitz & sparkle. We would recommend that dress for Pageant, or a Lilac Flower Girl Dress, and other formal events with a light warm spring color theme! In Lilac: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/497-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-lilac.html In Turquoise: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/498-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-turquoise.html In White: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/499-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-white.html In Coral: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/500-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-coral.html In Ivory: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/501-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-ivory.html In Fuchsia: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/502-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-fuchsia.html In Red: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/503-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-red.html In Navy Blue: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/504-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-navy-blue.html In Gold: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/505-fancy-ruffled-princess-pageant-dress-in-gold.html
Style CAC2456 Flower Girl Glitter Design Dress : ChildrensDressShop.com
7 beautiful flower girl dresses for you to choose from. Each dress has a halter style top for a perfect fit and a bolero jacket to cover the shoulders. http://www.childrensdressshop.com/flower-girl-dresses/1314-adele-flower-girl-dress-with-glitter-design-in-yellow.html
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Fancy Flower Girl Jacket Cover Bolero - CC110 Bolero
Available at the Children's Dress Shop. We have a children's bolero with 3/4 length sleeves and ruffled trim. Available in several colors, this is a perfect accessory for a spaghetti strap formal gown or warm weather top that needs a little extra fabric for the occasion. Get your childrens special occasion wear at the ChildrensDressShop.com The ChildrensDressShop.com is the largest online children's formal wear store. We have been providing flower girl dresses, pageant wear, and special occasion dresses for two decades.
Style CC1189 - White Satin Beaded Flower Girl Gown
find more here: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/169-satin-and-pearl-communion-flower-girl-dress.html
Style CC5002 - Soft Lace Flower Girl Dress
elegant soft embroidered tulle wired trim flower girl dress with scarf and satin ribbon http://childrensdressshop.com
Flower Girl Dress Style CC1112 - ChildrensDressShop.com
Perfect for a summer day. This aqua polka dotted dress is a soft cotton tea length party dress. Fully lined and with a sash. In Aqua Polka Dots: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/17-polka-dot-party-dress-in-aqua-annette.html In Coral Polka Dots: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/18-polka-dot-party-dress-in-coral-annette.html In Red Polka Dots: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/19-polka-dot-party-dress-in-red-annette.html In Pink Polka Dots: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/20-polka-dot-party-dress-in-pink-annette.html In Navy Blue Polka Dots: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/21-polka-dot-party-dress-in-royal-annette.html
Style MB106 Satin Flower Girl Dress
Style mb106 is perfect for those looking for a great quality satin flower girl dress. Available in 4 great colors this dress will match and spring or winter season wedding Find this dress at the ChildrensDressShop.com For this style in the Red and White Satin Dress: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/605-beautiful-satin-and-embroidered-flower-girl-dress.html
Style KK6319 - Organza Flower Girl Dress
Directly from http://childrensdressshop.com 3 New organza flower girl dresses 3 colors : coral, champagne, and black with ivory satin and a beautiful flower embellishment Style KK6319 For this dress in ivory and champagne: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/812--light-gold-satin-flower-girl-dress.html
Style CC1190 : Classic White Flower Girl Dress - Childrens Dress Shop.com
A traditional white or ivory flower girl dress comes with a custom sash and flower pin to fit your color selection for your wedding. Over 30 different sash colors to choose from. For details on this dress: White: www.childrensdressshop.com/home/167-classic-pick-up-taffeta-flower-girl-dress-in-white.html Ivory: www.childrensdressshop.com/home/168-classic-pick-up-taffeta-flower-girl-dress-in-ivory.html
Style CC1089 - Satin Flower Girl Dress
A sleeveless satin flower girl dress with embroidery and sequins . Available at the Childrens Dress Shop in girls sizes 2 - 10 in 4 great colors http://childrensdressshop.com
Style CA SY113 - Ruffled Pageant Dress : ChildrensDressShop.com
Available at: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1183-gold-multi-ruffled-pageant-dress-with-bolero.html
Style CC1195 - Short Pageant Dress in Jewels and Sparkles Ages 2 - 14
This short organza dress is a popular choice for pageants. Made from crystal organza and jewels and stones. This dress comes in 8 adorable colors. For this dress in blush pink www.childrensdressshop.com/home/259-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-blush.html For this dress in bubble gum pink http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/260-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-bubble-pink.html For this dress in purple http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/261-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-purple.html For this dress in Red http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/262-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-red.html For this dress in silver http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/263-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-silver.html For this dress in white http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/264-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-ivory.html For this dress in fuchsia http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/265-sparkling-organza-party-dress-with-rainbow-rhinestone-in-fuchsia.html
Style CC5003 - Chiffon Flower Girl Dress : Childrens Dress Shop
A new chiffon dress perfect for a summer time flower girl. Available in 8 pretty colors for the new spring / summer season. To find this dress visit : http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1090-chiffon-sweetheart-girls-dress-in-turquoise.html
Style CC1153 - Zebra Print Part Dresses for Girls - ChildrensDressShop.com
A perfect fun party dress for pageantry or for party. Available in six fun colors and upto size 14 in girls. This dress is a big hit for fun and fashion. For more details on this style visit here: www.childrensdressshop.com/home/236-fun-shimmering-zebra-party-dress.html
Style JK3556 - Long Chiffon Girls Gown sizes 2T - Plus 20
Beautiful chiffon long pageant dress in chiffon. Fully lined and jeweled bust line. Available in girls sizes from toddlers to plus size 20 Style JK3556 To find this dress in royal blue: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/1132-royal-blue-flower-girl-pageant-dress-with-stones-sparkle.html
Style JK3505 - Chiffon T-length Flower Girl Dress
Short tea length chiffon flower girl dress with a rosy waist line. For this dress in baby pink http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1127-light-pink-flower-girl-dress-sizes-2-20.html
Style CC555 - Jaccard Pearl Rhinestone Waist Dress : Children'sDressShop.com
This pretty tea length metalic embroidered jaccard dress is a perfect box pleat style. Available in 5 soft wedding colors and cut to fit young girls from ages 2 to 10. Perfect for a flower girl or any formal occasion. Available at : http://www.childrensdressshop.com/1177-embroidered-jaccard-flower-girl-dress-pearl-waist.html
Little Girl's Polka Dotted Summer Baby Dress  - Style CC1002
Check out baby and toddler dresses for flower girls or special occasions. This dress features a baby style polka dotted frock with a matching bonnet and flower pin. Check out the entire collection of baby dresses for your little princess's wardrobe: https://childrensdressshop.com/70-baby-toddler-dresses The ChildrensDressShop.com is the largest online children's formal wear store. We have been providing flower girl dresses, pageant wear, and special occasion dresses for two decades.
Flower Girl Dress Style 734 - Childrensdresshop.com
A metallic flower printed jaccard dress with a pretty A-line waist. This dress is available in two printed styles, black with gold flowers, or gold with black flowers. The garment is fully lined with soft satin and netting lining. Gold with Black Flowers: http://childrensdressshop.com/all-dresses/8-black-gold-special-occasion-girls-dress.html Black with Gold Flowers: http://childrensdressshop.com/all-dresses/1-black-gold-special-occasion-girls-dress.html
Style CC5001 - Lace and Sequin Sparkle Flower Girl Dress
A coiled lace embroidered sequin bodice flower girl dress with a sweetheart neck line and chiffon skirt with a wired ruffled trim. http://ChildrensDressShop.com for this dress in turquoise : http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1062-lace-chiffon-flower-girl-dress-in-turquoise.html
Style CK944 - Ruffled Flower Girl Dresses : ChildrensDressShop.com
Flower Girl Dresses Tiered ruffles in organza fabric available in peachy pink, ivory, and white. Cut to fit girls sizes 2 - 10 Search style CK944 at http://childrensdressshop.com
Style CC1094 : White Communion Gown - ChildrensDressShop.com
This long white communion gown is a fully lined light weight fabric with a cinched skirt creating a full belle look. Perfect for a first communion or flower girl dress. For more details on this style visit : http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/364-white-taffeta-pick-up-communion-gown.html?search_query=cc1094&results=1
Style CB0333 Ruffled Chiffon Flower Girl Pageant Dress
Available in 4 colors, this dress is cut to fit girls ages 4 to 16 http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1253-ruffled-ivory-flower-girl-pageant-dress.html
Style CC4000 - Girls Victorian Pageant Dress
Gorgeous ruffles cut to fit girls sizes 2T to 8. This victorian pageant dress is available at ChildrensDressShop.com
Style CC106 - Pageant Party Dress Sizes 2 - 12
One of our most popular tea length dresses for parties and pageants. This dress comes in 6 great colors and animal print. Here is it available in bright turquoise and lime green. www.childrensdressshop.com/home/195-two-color-tone-party-dress-with-sequin-and-mesh-turquoise-and-lime.html
Style CC1177 - Ruffled Short Pageant Dress for Girls
This ruffled pageant dress is available in 10 great bright bold colors. Cut to fit girls sizes 2 to 12 (ages 2 to 12)
Flower Girl Dress Style CC1007 - ChildrensDressShop.com
Lovely cap sleeved satin dress for any event! Your little girl will absolutely love the floral embroidery all along the skirt. This dress is perfect for Birthday Parties, Easter, and other special occasions. 4 Elegant Colors Available: In Coral Pink: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/213-lace-and-satin-embroidered-flower-girl-dress-in-coral-pink.html In Turquoise: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/215-lace-and-satin-embroidered-flower-girl-dress-in-blue.html In Fuchsia: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/214-lace-and-satin-embroidered-flower-girl-dress-in-hot-pink.html In Ivory: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/212-lace-and-satin-embroidered-flower-girl-dress-in-ivory.html
Style CC529 Children's Fancy Easter Dress
The ChildrensDressShop.com is the largest online children's formal wear store. We have been providing flower girl dresses, pageant wear, and special occasion dresses for two decades.
Style CC1170 White Flower Girl Dress : ChildrensDressShop
A simple yet elegant a-line flower girl dress with a flower petal ribbon sash available in 12 colors to match your wedding theme. Available in white or ivory: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/1175-white-flower-girl-dress-ribbon-petal-sash.html
Style KT7690 BABY LILY- ChildrensDressShop.com
Baby Lily Models Style KT7690. This is an ivory flower girl dress with a coral pink trim bubble dress. Baby Lily trots back and forth before her family gets her ready for a special day. Thank You Baby Lily's Family for sharing! Find this dress here: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1136-coral-bubble-tea-dress-.html
Style KK2060 - Ivory Flower Girl Dress - ChildrensDressShop.com
Available at: http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1173-multi-tiered-ivory-flower-girl-dress.html
Baby Doll FLower Girl Dress Style CC9005
new style for 2015 flower girl dress wedding styles http://www.childrensdressshop.com/gold-flower-girl-dresses/1303-cecil-baby-doll-flower-girl-dress-in-peachy-champagne.html
Style CA112 - Rachel: Girls Pageant Ball Gown - ChildrensDressShop.com
available in 5 colors, this beautiful pageant gown is multi layered and hand beaded along the bodice perfect for ages 3 - 16 flower girls, pageant, party, sweet sixteen, quincanera
Flower Girl Dress Style CB322: childrensdressshop.com
Elegant Coral Ribbon Flower Girl Dress This pretty tea length dress is fully lined and has an additional layer of lining in the skirt. This pretty dress has a removable sash and flower and the color shade can be replaced for several different styles. The back of the dress has a sturdy zipper and the sash ties into a bow over the zipper. In Coral: http://childrensdressshop.com/home/517-elegant-coral-ribbon-lace-skirt-flower-girl-dress.html
Style CC1175 : Pageant FlowerGirl Dress Ruffled Gown
This halter style top dress is fully lined with a full belle ruffled skirt. Perfect for pageant or formal event.his dress is available in 7 great colors at a terrific price. Available at the ChildrensDressShop.com www.childrensdressshop.com/home/171-ruffled-halter-girls-pageant-dress-in-pink.html?
Style WS102 Pageant Gown : ChildrensDressShop.com
This amazing girls pageant gown comes in threes jeweled tones. Available in toddler sizes 3 all the way up to the pre-teen sizes 14 and 16. The sizing on this dress is very flexible dues to the draw string corset style bodice. To find this gown and more details visit here Royal Purple : www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1204--pagent-purple-crystal-and-sequins-pick-up-girl-dress-with-bolero-.html Turquoise Blue: www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1205--pagent-turquoise-crystal-and-sequins-pick-up-girl-dress-with-bolero-.html Fuchsia Pink: www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1203--pagentfushia-crystal-and-sequins-pick-up-girl-dress-with-bolero-.html
Style KK6363 - Lace & Taffeta Flower Girl Dress
New Style from the Children's Dress Shop. This short tea length flower girl dress falls just above the knee. Fully lined with crinoline and satin Available in 6 pretty colors, detachable necklace. This adorable dress is a lace and taffeta To find this dress in pink http://www.childrensdressshop.com/home/1119-pink-lace-flower-girl-dress.html
Flower Girl Dress Style CC525 - ChildrensDressShop.com
Pretty white or ivory flower girl dress with a soft fully lined rosette bodice top and sparkle tulle overlay skirt. The bottom of the tea length dress is multi layered with a built in layered tulle and crinoline slip. For extra softness and fullness an additional slip is easily added. In White: http://childrensdressshop.com/all-dresses/11-rosette-white-flower-girl-dress.html In Ivory: http://childrensdressshop.com/all-dresses/7-rosette-ivory-flower-girl-dress.html