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NEW! Ada Belts
In this video blog, "NEW! Ada Belts", Genealogy Boutique and Formals introduces you to the hottest product currently on the fashion scene - Ada belts! Just in at Genealogy Boutique, these belts by Ada first debuted in our Charleston location last month and sold out completely before we could even do a video blog to introduce them to you! Now you're probably wondering what all the commotion's about. The ADA leather belt company is one of the most sought after designers when it comes to Leather accessories! Their innovative style and timeless belt design will update your wardrobe with just a single purchase! ADA's belts are all leather and come in several colors: Black, Metallic Gray, Metallic Brown, Gunmetal, Red, Pink, Tan, Camel, White, Brown, Gold, Green, Navy - You name it, they've got it! The best part about these belts is their versatility. With so many different ways to tie the Ada leather belt, it can seem confusing and overwhelming. Not to worry! It's much easier than you think and ANY one can do it like a pro! Here are some of the basics demonstrated by ADA herself!
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2011 Evenings by Allure Dresses (2 of 2)
Evenings by Allure's 2011 line is a captivating collection of sassy short and long dresses. Their particular style is perfect to match any personality! This collection is filled with simple necklines, unique color combinations, and sassy hem lines. Evenings by Allure is a dress company that always has your next event in mind, whether it is Prom 2011 or a cocktail party, these styles and designs are just what you need to flatter your figure! Simple and elegant, Evenings by Allure is always a great choice for a classy dress! Shop these styles here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/sub.php?CatId=27783&Page=CatOv#subtitle
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How to measure for a Prom Dress
HEY... we are gonna show you how to properly measure your bust, waist and hips for a formal dress or gown!  Its pretty easy to do, so get a friend to help and follow along... First take the measuring tape and hold it across the front of your chest.  Make sure your helper keeps the tape level all the way around the fullest part of your bust and get a snug measurement.   Next, Your waist measurement is taken at your natural waistline.  This is usually right at if not above your belly button, or the narrowest part of your mid-section. Make sure the tape is level all the way around and get a snug but not tight measurement. Finally, to measure your hips, make sure your feet are together. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your lower hips and get a snug but not tight measurement. Take those numbers and put them into our Size Chart Calculator to find out what size you are.   A couple things to remember: Every dress designer has a different size chart, make sure you are on the correct dress detail page to get the accurate size chart ! Also your dress size is NOT your jean size so be prepared to get a larger size, as the dresses tend to run small.  Almost all formal dresses require some kind of alterations, so if your dress is a little bit big, don't worry and have it taken in by a local seamstress in your area. Remember that if a dress is too big it can be taken in, but if its too small, it can not be let out! Enjoy your next event and call us if you have any questions!
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Daily Dress: Flirt P4541
Today's Daily Dress is the Flirt P4541! This Satin, one-shoulder Flirt dress is sophisticated without being stuffy. Rouching on the torso makes for a figure-flattering fit that perfects every shape and size! Tonal jewels line the edge of the soft sweetheart-shaped bust, extending onto the one-shoulder strap. This bedazzled strap continues diagonally down the back of the Flirt P4541, leaving a sexy, half-open back. This gown is tailored in back with a sweep train that adds a rich elegance to its silhouette. The Flirt P4541 comes in three vibrant, jewel tones: Funky Pink, Limeade, and Mediterranean Blue. Find the Flirt P4541 here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3103671&CatId=8953&thisOffset=0&resPos=2&pSort=#subtitle
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High-Low Dress Styles
High-to-low dresses are HOT this season! With a style that offers both long and short lengths, you CAN have the best of both worlds! These trendy 2011 Jovani high-low designs are predicted to be some of Prom's most popular! Read more about each of these Jovani dresses by clicking on your favorite style number! 7217: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287707&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 1530110: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287328&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 154069: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287389&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158984: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287366&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 71452: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287439&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 71702: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287415&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 159200: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287363&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158296: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287381&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 159865: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287337&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 159819: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287339&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 1770: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287565&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 7577: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287529&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Spotlight: Sherri Hill 2326
In this video blog, "Spotlight: Sherri Hill 2326", Genealogy Boutique and Formals shows you one of 2010's hottest dress styles from Sherri Hill -- The 2326! Sherri Hill's new collection of 2010 Homecoming dresses are some of the best we've seen here at Genealogy. Her color choices are right on with the season's color palette and the quality is top-notch, as usual, throughout. The Sherri Hill 2326, just in at Genealogy, is available in red, white, and blue. This short party dress will capture the essence of your mood on Homecoming night! This strapless top features a straight across neckline. Trimmed in rhinestones, the sparkly top compliments the flirty skirt on the bottom of the dress. The ruched bodice is form fitting, yet still very comfortable. and has a moderately cut back. A skirt of tiered ruffles and a large satin bow add an element of fun, feminine flare to this vibrant dress. This fun skirt is adorned with a shiny satin bow, enhanced even further by crystals that sit in the middle. The short length of this dress adds that subtle touch of sexy that you desire when dressing up for a special event, like Homecoming. For more on the Sherri Hill 2326, check out our newly made over website at www.ItsInHerGenes.com! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2428337&CatId=8940&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Candyland Dresses
Treat yourself to fashion in a colorful, Candy Land themed dress from Jovani, La Femme, Flaunt, and Hannah S. Eat your heart out in one of these sweet styles for Prom 2011! Sweet styles in candy colors are selling out at Genealogy Boutique & Formals! Get yours here: 717084: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287648&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 7216: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287555&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158087: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287383&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 7200: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287558&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 8765: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2931228&CatId=38162&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 16417: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2984306&CatId=8955&thisOffset=0&resPos=1&pSort=#subtitle 8828: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2687046&CatId=38161&thisOffset=0&resPos=2&pSort=#subtitle 16666: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2984259&CatId=8955&thisOffset=0&resPos=4&pSort=#subtitle 15086: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1918270&CatId=8955&thisOffset=0&resPos=5&pSort=#subtitle 16708: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2984255&CatId=8955&thisOffset=0&resPos=8&pSort=#subtitle 27572: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2606585&CatId=20619&thisOffset=0&resPos=2&pSort=#subtitle
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Taking Your Measurements: Part I
In this video blog, "Taking Your Measurements: Part 1", Genealogy Boutique and Formals will begin teaching you how to take your measurements to ensure your gown fits your figure to a tee! Taking your own measurements will almost always result in inaccuracies. Recruit a friend, family member, or, for the best results, a professional seamstress to take your measurements. It is important that you only use a standard cloth measuring tape. Pull the tape snuggly, but not too tight; it should only be tight enough to stay in place. Be sure to dress in fitted clothing, such as leggings and a tank, so that the measuring tape can get as close to your actual body as possible. You don't want excess baggy clothing to throw off your results. It's best to be measured wearing the exact undergarments, slip, and shoes you'll be wearing to your event. Designers determine their size by the bust, waist, and hip measurements. Some will also include a "Hollow to Hem" measurement; this is the measurement from the base, or hollow, of the neck to the bottom of the hem. First, we are going to take the bust measurement. 1. Stand straight with your heels together and your arms down at your side. 2. Position the measuring tape so that it covers the widest part of your back and the fullest part of your bust. 3. For more accurate results, place your thumb or finger beneath the tape measure when taking bust measurement. Each part is critical when it comes to having that perfect fit, so don't miss Part 2, where we show you how to take your waist measurement. To read more on how to take your measurement accurately, check out our detailed "Measuring Instructions" page: http://www.efcsite.com/manufcols/misc/measureins/998.htm
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Fun Florals From Your Fave Designers!
If you're looking for something different this Prom season, prints are an easy way to spruce up your ensemble! Florals are one of Spring's predicted popular prints for formal wear. We've picked a gown from each designer to fit the floral trend - Alyce Designs, BG Haute, Dancing With The Stars, Evenings by Allure, Flaunt, Flirt, GiGi, Hannah S, Jovani, La Femme, Night Moves, Panoply, Paparazzi, Tony Bowls, Sherri Hill, Studio 17, Sticks and Stones, Tiffany, and Wow!Prom. Check out these feminine floral printed frocks below! Alyce Designs 6628: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2857638&CatId=8960&thisOffset=0&resPos=5&pSort=#subtitle BG Haute E22101: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3123206&CatId=15651&thisOffset=30&resPos=55&pSort=0#subtitle Dancing With The Stars 15689: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1913377&CatId=28268&thisOffset=30&resPos=30&pSort=0#subtitle Evenings by Allure A435: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2847093&CatId=27783&thisOffset=30&resPos=37&pSort=0#subtitle Flaunt 8817: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2686799&CatId=38161&thisOffset=30&resPos=46&pSort=0#subtitle Flirt P1520: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3103703&CatId=9851&thisOffset=0&resPos=9&pSort=#subtitle Gigi 16489: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2987713&CatId=28390&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Hannah S 27627: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2866154&CatId=35991&thisOffset=0&resPos=28&pSort=#subtitle Jovani 7251: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287550&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=23&pSort=#subtitle La Femme 16124: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2984381&CatId=8955&thisOffset=0&resPos=6&pSort=#subtitle La Femme High-Low 16289: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2984336&CatId=8955&thisOffset=30&resPos=40&pSort=0#subtitle La Femme Shorts 15925: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2987646&CatId=8935&thisOffset=30&resPos=36&pSort=0#subtitle Night Moves 6218: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2792110&CatId=8937&thisOffset=0&resPos=26&pSort=#subtitle Panoply 14399: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2898860&CatId=8938&thisOffset=0&resPos=14&pSort=#subtitle Paparazzi 8726: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2931267&CatId=38162&thisOffset=0&resPos=25&pSort=#subtitle Paris by Tony Bowls 111714: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2765114&CatId=12641&thisOffset=0&resPos=17&pSort=#subtitle Sherri Hill 2223: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1711723&CatId=8940&thisOffset=150&resPos=161&pSort=0#subtitle Studio 17 12227: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2898832&CatId=8941&thisOffset=0&resPos=6&pSort=#subtitle Sticks and Stones 9072: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1837097&CatId=27107&thisOffset=60&resPos=65&pSort=0#subtitle Tiffany 16594: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2531086&CatId=8942&thisOffset=30&resPos=53&pSort=0#subtitle Tony Bowls Evenings TBE11105: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2765046&CatId=8943&thisOffset=30&resPos=47&pSort=0#subtitle Wow! Prom 2002: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3022868&CatId=8944&thisOffset=0&resPos=2&pSort=#subtitle
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Bachelorette Party Mini Dresses!
With wedding season right around the corner, Bachelorette parties are in full-swing! If you've got one of these girly get-togethers on your calendar, then you're going to need a sexy mini to strut the streets with your favorite friends!
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Daily Dress: La Femme 16037
This La Femme 16307 is a strapless, high-low dress that's both soft and trendy! Chiffon fabric gives this gown a breezy, ethereal feel. The waistline features a detailed beaded design with just enough emphasizing sparkle to catch the eye! The La Femme 16037 is ideal for Prom because of it's high-low cut that makes it easier to move and dance in than floor length or mini dresses. This 2011 La Femme gown comes in Aqua, Light Pink, and White. The La Femme 16037 can be yours - Just click here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2984400&CatId=8955&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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2011 Night Moves Dresses (1 of 4)
Night Moves Prom Dresses by Allure is 2011's hottest designer. This collection is full of one-of-a-kind formal dresses guaranteed to make your special night unforgettable. Their gowns come in a full array of many styles and looks all made to compliment your individual style for your Prom, Homecoming, Cotillion, Sweet Sixteen, or other fancy evening out!
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Sherri Hill 2009 Prom / Homecoming Dresses
2009 Sherri Hill Collection for Prom, Evening Wear, Pageant, Cocktail. Visit us online at www.ItsInHerGENES.com to order the hottest dresses for the 2009 Prom Season.
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2011 Flirt Prom Gowns
Flirt Prom truly believes that Prom is the biggest night of your high school years and should live up to your every dream. Loved for their premium quality and classic silhouettes, each gown is unique in conception and execution. Fitted bodices, dropped waistlines, and full ball gowns are cut to perfection, accentuating every figure type. If you're looking to showcase your best you with a touch of girly-girl, pick Flirt for your 2011 Prom!
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Daily Dress: Studio17 12237
Today's Daily Dress is the Studio 17 12237! This formal dress comes in three colors for Prom: Turquoise, Fuchsia, and our favorite, Turquoise/Fuchsia/Multi! The Turquoise/Fuchsia/Multi color-way features a bright leopard print Satin with a Fuchsia lining beneath the skirt. The skirt overs a peek-a-boo of leg with a high front slit. The bodice of the 12237 features sturdy halter straps and sexy side cut outs. Underneath the bust, a shimmering broach brings something extra to draw attention from and center. The halter straps cross behind the neck, leaving the back exposed, for a sexy silhouette that will have everyone staring!
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Nautical-Themed Judith March Styles!
Just in time for Summer, Judith March has released a variety of styles that are clearly nautical-inspired! Stripes and solids in Navy Blue, White, Red, and Coral are scattered throughout the 2011 Spring/Summer collection from Judith March. Any of these day dresses is perfect for packing on your next vacation or wearing to a weekend BBQ! We've selected the dresses we feel best represent the "nautical" theme - Our picks include: Judith March 311D-18 Judith March 340D-23 Judith March 366D-1 Judith March 435D-2 Judith March 441D-1 Judith March 441D-2 Judith March 446D-1 Judith March 462D-14 Judith March 462D-16 Judith March 484D-5
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Trend Alert: Animal Print
In this video blog, "Trend Alert: Animal Print", Genealogy Boutique and Formals dishes about one of the hottest in Homecoming dresses for 2010 - The look of animal print! These sultry, sexy prints make you stand out from the crowd and show off your figure AND personality. Choose from beautiful tiger, leopard, cheetah, and zebra prints in luxurious satin and chiffon. Designers are experimenting with combining animal prints with jewel colors for a feminine, exotic influence for fall. Short or long, fitted or flowing, animal prints are the hot look for Homecoming this season. Some of our beloved designers getting in on the animal print trend are Alyce Designs, Sticks and Stones, Jovani, La Femme, Sherri Hill, Studio 17, Hannah S, and Panoply. Take a look at some of our favorites from these top designers! Jovani Prom 196620 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=754759&CatId=12895&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Sherri Hill 1120 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1711710&CatId=8940&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Sherri Hill 1218 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1711703&CatId=8940&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Sherri Hill 2337 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2428327&CatId=8940&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Sherri Hill 4010 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1711648&CatId=8940&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=15&pSort=#subtitle La Femme 14997 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1918203&CatId=8955&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle La Femme 15327 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1918271&CatId=8955&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Jovani Cocktail 1551407 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=762838&CatId=8956&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle Tony Bowls Evenings 11069 http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=1635373&CatId=8943&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle I hope these dresses have inspired you to show your wild side in an animal print dress for Homecoming 2010!
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Alisha Hill Shoes (2011)
Alisha Hill, daughter of the infamous Sherri Hill, brings a fresh, glamourous line of shoes to the formal wear industry. Sky high stilettos, chunky jewels, and strappy silhouettes look luxurious Hollywood worthy! Take a look at her newly released line for Prom 2011 - Bold, beautiful, and better than EVER! Pick your pair here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/sub.php?CatId=8947&thisOffset=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Dresses of Emmy's Past
In this video blog, "Dresses of Emmy's Past", Genealogy Boutique and Formals takes you back through some of the best ensembles from Emmys past. The 2010 Emmy Awards took place this past Sunday and we hope you had the chance to kick your red carpet craving! Now, let's rewind and feast our eyes on some dazzling gowns from Emmys past. Some of our longtime favorites like Eva Longoria, January Jones, and Debra Messing make cameos, alongside some not-so-obvious celeb choices. Prepare to see a few frothy, flowing gowns, as well as some sassy mini ones. It's all here! Rachel Zoe can be given the credit for finding this to-die-for Monique Lhuillier gown in 2008. Who said black was boring? January Jones's white geometric Versace made heads spin at the 2009 Emmys. In 2007, Becki Newton wowed in her sheer, couture mermaid-style gown by J. Mendel. In 2008, a year when long gowns ruled, Eva Longoria took a different route, opting for a Marchesa stunner that was short, sweet, and to the point. Everything about Lara Flynn Boyle's 1998 ensemble was sleek - From the shine, the clean neckline, and that silky fabric, to those extravagant diamonds!
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Spotlight: Sherri Hill 7201 Dress
In this video blog, "Spotlight: Sherri Hill 7201 Prom Dress", Chelsea Hall of Genealogy Boutique and Formals, shows you one of 2010's hottest dress styles from Sherri Hill - The 7201! This Grecian inspired gown was designed as part of the Prom 2010 Collection and was SO popular that Sherri Hill has decided to carry it over for Homecoming 2010! You can wear it for Homecoming, but it's great for any event. The Sherri Hill 7201 is made of ombré silk chiffon fabric. This one is turquoise, but it's also available in 8 other jewel tones. The silk chiffon is soft and feels nice against your skin. For all you pageant queens, this is a dress that walks really well. It practically floats across a stage! The embellished keyhole halter accents the rouched bodice. The neck straps, shoulder straps, and keyhole bust cutout are heavily trimmed in rhinestones and crystals for a very dramatic sparkle and shimmer. This is a very forgiving dress - Only tight through the top of the rib cage. So, it is flattering to all sizes and is available from a size 0 to a size 18. If you need to have the dress altered in, it can be easily taken in along the back zipper. High school girls, tell your Mom not to worry -- This dress meets your school dress code. There is a sheer netting to cover any cleavage, making this it an appropriate choice to wear to your Prom or Homecoming! If you want to wear a bra, you can go with a Freedom Bra, sold here at Genealogy. It won't show through the netting in the front. Keep an eye out for the upcoming video introducing to the Freedom Bra! If you'd prefer not to wear a bra, the dress has built in cups, so you can easily go braless. The bodice will provide enough support for cup sizes A to D. For those of you who are into prints and patterns, this style is also available in 7300 - a Paisley print fabric with Amber colored rhinestones, shown here. Another variation of this dress style is the Sherri Hill 7333 -- A striking red gown with smoky black rhinestones for unique look that will set you apart. This dress has also been released in a short version, the Sherri Hill 2272, if you don't want to go long or if you want a sassier take on this classic silhouette. The modern neckline functions as a statement necklace, so you won't need anything too flashy up top besides a fabulous pair of rhinestone earrings and a big rhinestone bracelet. Don't forget about your feet! Pair this look with a great pair of Alisha Hill shoes, like this or this. Alisha Hill, daughter of Sherri Hill, makes shoes that are classic and elegant, so they won't take away from your dress. Add these finishing touches and you'll be all set for your special occasion! Check us out in Savannah, Georgia or Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Or visit us online at www.ItsInHerGenes.com! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2345993&CatId=8940&Page=CatOv&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Fall Trend Alert - The Bib Necklace
In this video blog, "Fall Trend Alert: The Bib Necklace", Genealogy Boutique & Formals talks about another of this season's popular trends -- The bib necklace! Get a head start on this Autumn look by amping up the size of your accessories. One way to do so is by wearing a bib necklace. Celebrities like Natalie Portman and Kristen Cavalari have been seen sporting this trend. Yes, the trend's been around for while, but with so many designers giving the look their own unique spin, now is the time to buy. Try a version that combines ribbon, woven chain, and rhinestones for a hyper-glam effect. At Genealogy, we've got quite the selection when it comes to bib necklaces. Just this month we've doubled our stock! You can almost guarantee there will be no duplicates out there, as we only purchase one or two of each piece. To browse our collection of unique accessories, you can log on to our website at http://www.itsinhergenes.com/must-haves/
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Daily Dress: Evenings by Allure A408
Today's Daily Dress is the A408 from Evenings by Allure! Delicate and airy, this Evenings by Allure short style features an intricately embroidered embellished bodice with a flared Chiffon skirt, curled at the hem. The pale blue fades in and out with a light brown for a subtle tie-dye look. The back of the A408 splits into a demure v-shaped corset. Pair this style with matte finish metallic heels and soft curls. This Evenings by Allure mini comes in Sky/Brown, Coral, Black, Ivory, Lilac, and White. Take a closer look here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2847118&CatId=8953&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Winter Wedding Attire
Though winter is not the most popular time of year for a wedding, the number has increased dramatically in recent years. If you have been invited to a winter wedding, you are probably trying to figure out what to wear. The proper attire for wedding guests depends on a variety of factors including the wedding style, location and time of day. Is it black tie? The wedding invitation will normally state if the wedding is black tie. If that's the case, it makes dressing a bit easier. For black tie weddings, men are expected to wear tuxedos and women, full-length evening gowns. When the wedding is anything less than black tie, it can get confusing. Where is the wedding taking place? If it's a church wedding with a reception at the local country club or hotel ballroom, then you can expect formal yet conservative attire. Wear a knee-to-tea-length dress - Anything shorter will be inappropriate and a floor-length long gown may be too much. If your gown is strapless, add a wrap or bolero for warm and coverage. Obviously, you will need to avoid plunging necklines and high slits. If the wedding reception is being held at a restaurant, wear whatever you would normally wear to dine at that establishment. For an upscale restaurant, a dress is appropriate. For something more casual, perhaps a cashmere sweater and slacks are a better choice. Choosing the right colors? When selecting the color of your outfit, there are a few things to avoid. Wearing white is a wedding DON'T unless you're the bride. If it's a daytime wedding, avoid wearing black. Avoid bright colors such as yellow and turquoise, which are best reserved for spring and summer weddings. Instead, look for a dress in rich, jewel tones such as ruby red, deep amethyst, and emerald green. Is it indoor or outdoor? Many couples are planning outdoor weddings, even in the wintertime. Snow and ice can make a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. If you are invited to an outdoor Winter wedding, dress weather appropriate. Flowing skirts can easily get caught by the wind and you don't want to have a wardrobe malfunction mid-wedding! Select a sheath style dress instead. Choose chunky or wedge heels rather than stilettos, which will sink into the ground and may cause you to trip or fall. Add a faux fur wrap or cape. Though you might not want to cover up your dress, you also don't want to freeze! Winter weddings can be very beautiful whether they are held inside or outdoors. If you are deciding what to wear, follow these fashion tips to help you choose the perfect, winter wedding outfit!
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Prom Fundraising Ideas
It's never too early to start fundraising for your school's Prom. If you have a poorly planned fundraiser, it may actually hurt your Prom attendance. That's why today, Genealogy Boutique & Formals is giving you the top Prom fundraising ideas: Selling Candy Bars Car wash Bake Sale Flower Sale Magazine Subscriptions Raffles Discount Cards for local Businesses Donations from local businesses during a set time & sale Prom Fashion Show where local businesses can showcase their prom dresses, shoes, tuxedos, DJ's etc. There are many other fundraising ideas. If your school tried something different, new, or amazing, post a comment so others can benefit from your experience!
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Bodytype: Tall & Thin
In this video blog, "Bodytype: Tall & Thin", Genealogy Boutique and Formals shares some tips with you on what to wear if you've got a tall, thin body frame. Yesterday, Genealogy Boutique and Formals offered up a few tips to the petites on how to best flatter their shorter shape. Today's video blog is all about those of you who are blessed with a tall, thin body type. As you might have guessed, if you're tall and thin, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything. But that doesn't mean that you tall don't have a need for fashion advice, just like the petites. First, let's talk about how to add a little shape to your stature - Layered, printed tops, in the same color family obviously, are one way to help to add a little fullness to your figure. These fashionable tops from Karlie and Fashion Spy are perfect for adding just enough curves for a more feminine look. When the weather permits, jackets and long trenches with pockets add just the right amount of volume to your thinner frame. Chunky cardigan sweaters will help emphasize your curves and pair perfectly any outfit. Try these styles and more by Tulle! They offer a wide variety of outerwear with options for your unique taste. Finding that perfect dress can sometimes be more difficult when you're super skinny. Look for flirty pleats and ruffles -- These create the illusion of effortless curves. These are two popular eveningwear options -- the multi-colored one by Evenings by Allure and the white one by La Femme - for those events when you need something a little bit more formal, like Prom, Homecoming, Military Balls, Cotillion, galas, or benefits. La Femme makes dresses that are longer than the average evening gown, so if you're having trouble finding a dress long enough, check out this designer! 
If you're not much of a dress girl, a poufy, bright-colored skirt matched with a dark top is a great way to break up your torso. The look is trendy and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! I love the way a skirt balances out straighter figures! When it comes to shoes, many tall girls wear ballet flats. Pair them with straight-legged jeans to show off your long legs and give you the illusion of a fuller booty! No matter what body shape you are, the professionals at Genealogy Boutique and Formals can help you find the perfect designer look to compliment your unique shape. We're located in Savannah, Georgia and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Shop these styles and more at www.ItsInHerGenes.com!
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JUST RELEASED: Sherri Hill 2011 Styles!
Sherri Hill just released new styles and colors for Prom 2011! This designer never ceases to rock our Prom season with dozens of dresses to suit every budget and personality! Be the first to register your NEW Sherri Hill style before anyone else at your event! Check out these styles and MORE here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/sub.php?CatId=8940#subtitle
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Military Ball Dresses at Genealogy Dresses!
It's almost that time! Lately, we've had a huge number of people online and in our store talking about their upcoming military ball event! http://www.genealogydresses.com/military-ball-dresses.html We've pulled together some of our most patriotic red, white and blue styles thet would be stunning at the military ball this December! You definitely don't have to limit yourself to Red, White or Blue, though. Be sure to Check out www.GenealogyDresses.com for more Military Ball styles and formal wear! Even get your shoes and jewelry, too! We have it all!
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Hollywood GLAM - Jovani 7833, 73154, 158504
Hollywood's A-list celebs and red carpet affairs are influencing Prom dress designs for 2011! These glamourous styles are over the top in silhouette and embellishment! Sequins and feathers are ultra feminine and look luxe on dramatic, curve-enhancing mermaid silhouettes and sexy short dresses. Check out these "Tinseltown" Prom dresses from Jovani's 2011 line! 153050: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287396&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158448: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3288180&CatId=9191&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 7830: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287510&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 7828: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287511&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 73154: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287400&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158504: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3288173&CatId=9191&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158975: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3288208&CatId=9191&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158888: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3288121&CatId=9191&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 17438: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287460&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158332: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3288009&CatId=9191&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 71606: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287424&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 158861: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287372&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 7833: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3287509&CatId=8936&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle 159002: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=3288122&CatId=9191&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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NEW! Karlie Semi-Formal Pieces
Today, Genealogy Boutique & Formals is talking semi-formal pieces and showing you the 4 new stand-out pieces just in from Karlie! Semi formal fashion is huge because it embraces both formal and casual clothing trends. These pieces are not completely formal or completely casual. There are many occasions where this type of clothing is required. Dinner parties, weddings, conference meetings, birthday parties, business luncheons, job interviews, and social gatherings are some of the most common. On such occasions, semi-formal attire is the most appropriate choice. Yesterday, Genealogy Boutique & Formals received 4 new semi-formal items from Karlie. These dresses combine trendy, chic detailing with classic silhouettes and prints for timeless looks you can keep in your closet year after year. Take a look at all 4 of these fabulous Karlie pieces!
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Celeb Style Steal: Selena Gomez in Sherri Hill 1403
Selena Gomez performed at the 2011-2012 Disney Kids and Family Upfront in New York on March 16 wearing one of Sherri Hill's hottest - The 1403! She even added skinny spaghetti halter straps to ensure the bust stayed up during her performance. This stand out style has been featured in magazine and advertisements nationwide - And it's easy to see why! A sweetheart, strapless top is completely covered in clear, "shattered glass" shaped jewels and the short, Chiffon skirt stops mid-thigh. Four color options include Aqua/Silver, Black/Silver, Nude/Silver, and White/Silver. Look like celebrity starlet Selena Gomez in the Sherri Hill 1403 this season! Steal Selena's style here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2995283&CatId=8940&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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OMG: Leaked photos of Sherri Hill styles!
OMG - Leaked photos of Sherri Hill styles!
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2011 La Femme Dresses (4)
La Femme keeps fashion fresh with their trendy 2011 Prom styles! In every length, from short, to long, to the in-between high-to-low styles, La Femme has a talent for designs dresses for every taste. Simplicity is their strong point with solid colors and classic shapes.
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Introducing: Britt Ryan
In this video blog, "Introducing: Britt Ryan", Genealogy Boutique and Formals is in their Charleston location talking about one of their best-selling designers, Britt Ryan. Britt Ryan is an up-and-coming clothing designer offered exclusively at the Genealogy of Charleston location. Her garments embody femininity in both style and detail. You'll find girly dresses perfect for those summer days when you want to look put-together but have no idea what to wear. These pieces don't just look attractive -- they look attractive on YOU! If you're tired of seeing the same basic looks copied from store to store with hefty price tags, check out Britt Ryan. Your closet space might get tighter, but it's a small price to pay for her head-turning style! Check out styles by Britt Ryan online here: http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/sub.php?CatId=21187&Page=CatOv#subtitle
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Paparazzi Prom Dresses 2009 by Mori Lee
2009 Paparazzi Collection by Mori Lee for Prom, Evening Wear, Pageant, or Quincenera. Visit us online at www.ItsInHerGENES.com to order the hottest dresses for the 2009 Prom Season.
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Check out this small sneak peek of some of our favorite Night Moves Prom 2012 styles! http://www.genealogydresses.com/night-moves.html Stay tuned at www.GenealogyDresses.com for more fabulous styles! There's short, sequin minis, sequin long dresses, empire styles and SO much more! Night Moves really knows glamor and elegance.
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Occasion: Military Ball
In this video blog, "Occasion: Military Ball", Genealogy Boutique & Formals prepares you to attend one of the year's most sophisticated, fun events - The Military Ball. Each year the Armed Forces hold a Military Ball. While the primary purpose of the Ball is to honor the military, they also offer an opportunity for the community to meet members of our Armed Forces. This formal affair is a "mess dress" for the military, meaning they will be in uniform, and black tie for other guests. You want to look classy and elegant when attending a military ball. That said, this is one occasion for which you should opt for a somewhat conservative, floor length gown. This doesn't mean you can't wear a strapless gown, just keep the bodice in check, making sure it's not exposing an inappropriate amount of skin. The best choice is a simple dress that has minimal embellishments. The color of the dress you choose should match the clothing of your date. He should wear a tie or cummerbund in the same color as your dress so that you complement each other. If your date is in the military he will be wearing his uniform, so make sure that the color of your gown doesn't clash or compete with his ensemble. At Genealogy, we have limitless options when choosing your Military Ball gown. Stop in today or check us out online to browse our huge selection of designer gowns!
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Event Appropriate Attire
In this video blog, "Event Appropriate Attire", Genealogy Boutique and Formals informs you on what to wear to some of the most common events, so you'll feel prepared the next time you're invited! Special occasions are always popping up on our calendars and sometimes they come with clothing "requirements" that are a little bit different from our day-to-day fashion. Daytime Wedding / Graduation / Religious Service: A simple dress can work for all three events. Look for a little black dress, or an "LBD" for those in the know, to keep in your closet as a stand-by. It can be simple and modest enough for solemn events like a religious service and can be dressed up with jewelry, make-up, and accessories for a wedding or graduation. Party / Date: Never underestimate the power of pants for bringing together a sexy, laid-back appearance. Look for styles with a sophisticated, slimming fit. Pair them with a feminine blouse and a pair of stilettos. This look will turn heads without making you look like you're trying too hard. Baby Shower / Birthday Party / Lunch: For a less formal event, look for a skirt or dress that has movement. You can pair it with a simple tank or sweater in a light, feminine color. Your end result will be soft, girly, and casual. Cocktail Party / Evening Wedding / New Year's Eve Bash: On the nights when you really want to get made up, look for a simple dress with a bit of shine or one interesting detail. To keep eyes on you, try showing a little bit of skin with a strapless style. Your shoulders and neck deserve some attention, and a strapless dress is less flashy and more tasteful than a plunging neckline. Gala / Ball: For that authentic, formalwear style, I would advise you to purchase a gown before the event. A simple style, such as an A-line or a mermaid dress, is one that you can find in almost any evening dress boutique. Glitz can be easily added to your outfit with jewelry and accessories. Shop these styles at any one of our boutique locations in Savannah, Georgia and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Or check out our online store, open 24 hours a day, at www.ItsInHerGenes.com.
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Trend to Try: Boleros
In this video blog, "Boleros", Genealogy Boutique and Formals shows you one of the best way to stay warm for your formal event! Nothing is more disappointing than buying a super cute dress only to have to cover it up with a jacket. That's why we prefer boleros. Adding one to your dress is a great idea. They're cropped so your dress isn't hidden and they offer the modesty and tiny bit of the warmth you need. Boleros can be traced to as early as the 1600's when the they were known as "doublet". These jackets were worn only by the fashionable royalty. You too can look like the elite by wearing a bolero over your formal dress for your next event. A bolero is a unique accessory that most girls won't think of pairing with their dress, making you stand out against the typical formal attire. There's a bolero for every purpose and taste. These stylish little separates come in every sleeve length - Cap, Short, and Long. If you're not quite ready to wear one to Prom, boleros also come in casual fabrics perfect for every day wear.
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Cruise-Worthy Dresses!
Cruise-Worthy Dresses!
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Daily Dress: Sherri Hill 2531
The Sherri Hill 2531 has to be one of our favorite ball gowns this Prom season! This cupcake-like, princess dress features layers upon layers of crimped Tulle in an Hombre Pink for the girliest of girls! The bodice is cut straight across and is made from light pink Taffeta rouched and fitted to the torso. A full skirt creates the drama you want from a formal ball gown. We LOVE the oversized bow that wraps around the waist and sits on the lower back. The Sherri Hill 2531 would make the perfect Sweet 16 or Prom dress! Get the Sherri Hill 2531 here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2995359&CatId=8940&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Online Sales Policy II
In this video blog, "Online Sales Policy II", Genealogy Boutique and Formals explains the second of their two online sales policies, so it's easier for you to shop with us online! As a reminder, Genealogy is not responsible for any discrepancies in prices from in-store to online prices. There will be no credit or refund given due to price differentiation. Our second policy applies only to ready-to-wear, clothing, and denim. Returns: Genealogy only does returns in the form of an exchange or store credit for items that are labeled as regular priced, ready to wear clothing, denim, shirts, jackets, sundresses, or casual dresses. Exchanges can only be completed if they items are UNWORN, UNALTERED, and UNWASHED with ALL tags attached. Exchanges: At Genealogy, we inspect all items carefully before shipping. If you have received a faulty item or need to make an exchange, you must contact Genealogy within 48 hours of receiving your package. Please explain why you are exchanging and you will be issued a Return Authorization Number. As the customer you assume all shipping charges back to Genealogy. Items returned without a RA# will not be accepted. We strongly suggest that you fully inspect your order before removing any tags or discarding any original packaging. That's it for our Online Sales Policies. If you want to see a physical version of one or both of these policies, you can find them on our website at ItsInHerGenes.com! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/sub.php?Page=Text&PT=CheckoutMessage
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Sherri Hill & Jovani on "The Voice"!
Contestant Raquel Castro (of Team Christina Aguilera!) performed on NBC's The Voice wearing the coveted Sherri Hill 1429 on June 7th! Similar to the 1403, Sherri Hill's 1429 mini dress features shattered jewels and sweetheart shaped, strapless neckline with visible boning for structure. The fabric is a metallic Jersey that continues to sparkle event after your party ends. Exquisite nude fabric has been gracing both red carpets and celebrities this year. The Sherri Hill 1429 comes in Aqua/Silver, Nude/Silver, and Black/Silver. If you're looking for a floor length style similar to Raquel's, the Sherri Hill 1434 is exactly the gown you're after! Jovani Fashions also had a hand in the fashion of Christina's team on The Voice this season, designing a custom Black studded mini dress for Lily Elise! Check out the HOT minis below in today's video blog!
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2011 Sherri Hill Dresses (1 of 4)
Sherri Hill continues to surprise us year after year with top notch gowns that are better than last year's unbeatable collection! This designer has an unmatched style that's feminine, classy, and sexy combined. Known for their signature short styles, Sherri Hill also showcases statement-making ball gowns, body-hugging mermaid styles, and elegant, breezy pageant dresses. Find your Prom perfect look in the 2011 collection of embellished, glamourous gowns from Sherri Hill!
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White for Fall
In today's video blog, "White for Fall?", Genealogy Boutique & Formals talks about the infamous "no white after Labor Day" rule and how to break it! I'm sure almost all of you are aware of the "no white after Labor Day" rule, right? At Genealogy, we're pretty sure this so-called "rule" is outdated. Today, we're going to show you how to take your white semi-formal summer dresses flawlessly into fall. White semi-formal dresses seem to be a staple of most women's summer wardrobes - they're clean, flirty, and fresh. But just because cold weather is on its way, doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your light-colored frocks. Instead of hanging these little white numbers in the back of your closet, take a cue from some of Hollywood's elite and pair your dress with a bold, black accessory. At the Munich premiere of her latest film, Knight and Day, Cameron Diaz sashayed down the red carpet in a white frock accented with a thick black sash. The starlet emphasized her long legs with a pair of nude-colored peep-toe pumps that made her gams appear never-ending. Figure skater-turned-actress Julie Benz rocked a similar style to a recent affair. Benz wore an ivory gown cinched by a striking black belt. The blonde beauty completed her outfit with black platform heels. To really nail that autumn transformation, throw on a sleek leather jacket or dark, fitted blazer before stepping out at night!
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2011 Night Moves Dresses (2 of 4)
2011 Night Moves Dresses (2 of 4)
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2011 Night Moves Dresses (4 of 4)
It's never too early to start looking for your perfect dress for Prom! Night Moves 2011 collection of ball gowns and sleek styles will give you a look unlike any other. Look and feel your best for one of the biggest nights of the school year in your very own one-of-a-kind Night Moves gowns. Make yours a night a night to remember with dresses that come in a wide range of sizes and and looks - Each complimenting your personal Prom style!
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Celeb Style Steal: Lauren Conrad in La Femme 15846
Lauren Conrad arrived to the VH1 Divas Show in an Olive-colored Alice + Olivia sequined mini. Steal her all-star style in the La Femme 15846 in Hunter Green. The La Femme 15846 combines the familiar fit of a tank top with over-the-top fully-sequined fabric. A simple scoop neck in both the front and back creates a minimalistic balance. The short hem line comes to the upper thigh area. If you love Lauren's look, but aren't into Green, the La Femme 15846 also comes in Black, Eggplant, and Gold! Get Lauren's La Femme look here! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2987671&CatId=8935&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Celeb Style Steal: Miley Cyrus in Sherri Hill 2455
Take a lesson from the teen queen herself on how to look Prom perfect. Steal this star's style in the Sherri Hill 2455 gown in Gold. Just like Oscars "Best Dressed" Miley Cyrus, a strapless bodice and shimmery tulle skirt will make you the belle of the ball! Get this glamourous look here before it's gone! http://www.genealogyboutiqueandformals.com/detail.php?ProdId=2995378&CatId=8940&thisOffset=0&resPos=0&pSort=#subtitle
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Taking Dresses From Summer To Fall
In this video blog, "Taking Dresses From Summer To Fall", Genealogy Boutique and Formals tells you how to take your dresses from one season to the next! While it may seem like Summer was just yesterday, Fall is officially here! Before we know it, the leaves will be changing color, the temperatures will be dropping, and sweaters will be replacing tees and tanks. Still, girls who want to look trendy into the new season don't need to spend a lot of cash on an entirely new wardrobe. In fact, we've discovered some intriguing fall trends that can be adapted from some of your best summer attire. There's no better way to make the most of your wardrobe than by wearing those Spring and Summer dresses over a body-hugging long-sleeve tee. Also, '70s-inspired fashion is as popular as can be at the moment. Girls can sport their summer maxi-dresses by pairing them with an Autumn jacket and a bold pair of boots. Tights and leggings are two easy accessories that can add both warmth and a Fall-fashion-feel to your Summer day dresses. This is great news for those of you who adore a few staple dresses and want to continue to show them off. Keep that floral-print mini-dress where you can see it - you may need it well into the Fall!
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Bodytype: Petite
In this video blog, "Bodytype: Petite", Genealogy Boutique and Formals shares some tips with you on what to wear if you've got a petite body frame. The number one tip for petites is to find a good tailor and make them your BFF. It might be easier to just shop in the petite section, but it's not always best way to go -- You want your clothes to be smaller overall, not just shorter. If you need something faster than a needle and thread, Hollywood Fashion Tape is a cheap, quick fix for hemming sleeves and pants you haven't had the chance to take to a seamstress yet! The second petite fashion secret is not to chop the body in half. Instead of wearing a belt around your waist, go for monochromatic colors that will make your outfit look continuous, like this dress by Tulle. Petites should opt for garments that balance their body shape while staying in proportion. Top-heavy petites should create a "streamlined look" by balancing the bottom. Stay away from narrow pants or skirts, which will focus attention away from the upper area of your body. Try any of these boot cut jeans from Miss Me! Bottom-heavy petites should lead the eye away from problem areas with high waistlines and a clean silhouette. Likewise, hourglass petites should stick to pieces that flatter their natural shape and emphasize the waistline. This dress by Karlie is perfect because a green, high-waisted band divides it into a top half and a bottom half. Lastly, I advise all petites to invest in nude pair of heels. They elongate your legs, making you look inches taller. Plus, because they're a neural, they will pair perfectly with any one of the looks I mentioned today! We're located in Savannah, Georgia and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Shop our store 24 hours a day online at www.ItsInHerGenes.com!
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