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Baldi's basics characters ||SPEEDPAINT|| [EDGY]
A other speedpaint of baldi's basics but edgy Finish drawing: https://plus.google.com/105515599818948976460/posts/Zq4D7XsHW3C Songs: https://youtu.be/uTxsV3zBJ7Q https://youtu.be/4omGAkL863A https://youtu.be/ql9-82oV2JE
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I'm Gonna Show You Crazy 💔MEME💔 [Read description/Leer Descripción] (Cuphead Oc) (OLD)
Original: https://youtu.be/l0PLCekBJYE I know it's CRINGE XDDDD Cuphead and Mugman © Studio MDHR Queen Cindy (cuphead oc mine) Pls..i don't ship my oc x cuphead or mugman well queen cindy (my cuphead oc) flirts with the 2 players she makes hearts with her lips just like sally stageplay if you touch those heart you are under her control she just want you to not grab her contract and then 2 round she gets obbsessed with the players 3 round the players broken queen cindy heart and than means she kills the players for not loving her Español: Porfavor..yo no shipeo mi oc con cuphead o mugman bueno queen cindy (mi cuphead oc) coquetea con los jugadores y hace corazones con sus labios igual que sally stageplay si tocas los corazones estas bajo su control ella sólo quiere que no agarres su contrato en el ronda 2 se obsesiona con los jugadores 3 los jugadores rompe el corazón de queen cindy eso significa que ahora matara los jugadores por no amarla
Ř€РŁΔ¥ {gift:kofi estudios}
Song by: Lyaz - replay Cover for the video: https://youtu.be/W6hNGQWA_ZU -wow i take 3 days for making this and it's still lazy and cringy-
\\You Signed The Contract// ||Meme?|| {Cuphead} (OLD)
Well i make this cuz i was bored? Original song: https://youtu.be/4omGAkL863A I konw it's cringe :) By: idk Grim Matchstick Dr. Kahls Robot Sally StagePlay Baroness Von Bon Bon Hilda Berg Rumor Honeybottoms Cagney Carnation And The Root Pack Goopy Le Grande Djimmi The Great Beppi The Clown Ribby and Croaks Phantom Express Cala Maria Three Mausoleums Wally Warbles Werner Werman Captain Brineybeard You Signed The Contract!
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RISE UP [MEME] {Petscop,IT,Cuphead,OFF} (OLD)
:^) feliz chicos? Personajes: Candace Newmaker/Quitter {Petscop} Pennywise The Dancing Clonw {IT} Cuphead {Cuphead} Zacharie The Merchant {OFF} Original by:Alkatoster
||Joint Calamity|| {MEME} (OLD)
Original: https://youtu.be/vZld209qbnk I wanned to do this meme so yeah and i know it's cringe i konw you little people was gonna say that :)
STUTTER {MEME} [Turbo x Oc] [AU]
Send help- Ok no :v Well this is cringy Ok soo this not the turbo from the wreck it ralph movie it's kinda like AU from flowerfell so yeah..and pls no hate if your one of those people that says "ugh she loves to characters" no i don't love them i idk why i ship my oc's x videogames characters really weird Original: https://youtu.be/zWDvgVaOdE0 Characters -i know It's a au but still gonna give credits-: Cuphead © Studio MDHR Bendy © Themeatly Zacharie © mortis ghost Turbo tastic © Disney
Chok Chok {MEME} [Turbo and Cuphead]
I know that the meme dosen't go like this but i wanned to do something "original?" Cuphead © Studio MDHR Turbo-Tastic © Disney movies Original meme: https://youtu.be/E104d60UcK0 Wow cringy ew- Ok i know that the wreck it ralph movie is so old for some of you guys but for me it's not turbo is one of my fav evil character from the movie don't worry i still like cuphead!
Pick A Flower/Bumblebees Are Out (MEME)
Sorry for not posting i had some problems with my family and stuff And people will hate me cuz i suck at drawing ;;w;;... And maybe i will stop doing animation meme cuz it's kinda boring and am lazy to do "animation" this video is NOT an animation And i know people are not doing this meme anymore so i undertand original meme: https://youtu.be/lGNRENC_Pn4 Original song by: JackStauber Baldi - mystman12 Allison (alice) - my baldi's basics oc xdd
Everybody Loves Me (MEME) [Petscop] (OLD)
Original by: RaeBae Characters © by Team garalina: Care Quitter Newmaker (paul) Marvin Other character © by StudioMDHR: Cuphead Other character © by Team Salvato: Monika -it's cringy-
Depression °‿° [Gift:kofi estudio..?] (OLD)
°‿° Inspiration by strawberrix: https://youtu.be/UNmx4PgbbcE Song: The Hush Sound - wine red
Kill The Lights ||ORIGINAL MEME
I hate my life I say i was not gonna be lazy but i did IM GONNA REMAKE THIS ONE DAY- Original song: im not your boyfriend baby - 3OH!3 Credits: Turbo tastic © disney Cuphead © Studio MDHR four © jacknjellify Paul © garalina Monika © salvato Zacharie © mortis ghost C R I N G E- Boi Nobody will make this meme- I know there is a other kill the lights but this is a diferrent song My oc's: Karla tastic Karla (me) Lio (my bro)
E G G H E A D  A N D  E G G M A N
Well Egghead and his pal Eggman they like to roll the Egg.
DREAMS MEME [Psycho Karla] (OLD)
Oh boi it's cringe and edgy- And it's a joke Cuphead and Mugman © Studio MDHR Bendy And Alice Angel © TheMeatly
I quit youtube.........
Happy april fools!
Original: https://youtu.be/hJVt-MkV1-I Oc que use para el video/oc that i put in the video: Ҡ@®!@ Characters by disney: Turbo -i use him here bOi-
E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E MEME [Petscop] (OLD)
Original: https://youtu.be/lohdNydGpMo Cringy ew-
(WIP) -my original meme-
original song: im not your boyfriend baby - 3OH3
Oh my god look at that suicidal face- {CUPHEAD X OC} [read description/leer descripción] Cuphead oc
Oh boi- Yeah maybe i ship my oc x cuphead and i'm really sorry for someone of you guys i ruin the game xd i'm really sorry and i well give credit to the cuphead creator so yeah my oc "doesn't" say cuphead is mine cuphead is for everyone ok? Español: Lo se talvez shipeo mi oc x cuphead i losiento muchísimo para algunos les arruine el juego lo siento demasiado le dare crédito al autor quien creo cuphead y pues mi oc no dice que cuphead es de ella. Cuphead le pertenece a todos ok? Original: https://youtu.be/65G1fLMfyyI Cuphead © StudioMDHR cuphead oc's (mios/mines): Sweet Raindow -the rainbow cup xdd Alisha - the pink genie xdd Queen Cindy - the crazy queen yandere xddd Cupkarla - a cuphead (female) ripoff xd? Cuphead fangirls well dislike this It's really cringy
Game Over {Karla & Lio} {Short Animation} (OLD)
Ok ok ok este es cómo undertale xd Cancion- Undertale OST 034 memory