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How to download torrents anonymously with uTorrent (VPN and free Proxy setup)
Learn how to download torrents anonymously and use utorrent anonymously with a VPN or proxy service. We show you exactly what we mean by the term "anonymous" vs not anonymous when downloading torrents. The truth is that your torrent IP address is easily viewable by all peers sharing the same torrent as you. That's we recommend that all Bittorrent users use an anonymous VPN or proxy service (or both would be better) In this video, we use Private Internet Access VPN (VPNTopten.com's editors choice 2014 best torrent VPN) You can learn more or sign up at: http://www.vpntopten.com/pia We use PIA two different ways to totally anonymize utorrent traffic using first a proxy server, then a VPN (and actually use both simultaneously with two different IP addresses). Advantages of Private Internet Access for bittorrent users: - NO Logs. No activity tracking. - NO Throttling - Unlimited Bandwidth/Speeds - Torrents Allowed - VPN Kill Switch (Prevent accidental IP leaks) - DNS Leak Protection (Blocks windows security leak) - Servers in 12+ Countries - 256-bit Military Grade AES Encryption Learn more about PIA: http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn/private-internet-access Watch our PIA Video Review: http://youtu.be/jB9XjjSIurQ Learn how to use Vuze Anonymously with a proxy/VPN https://youtu.be/7Y4hhvfo0dA Other tools we feature: Torguard's Check my Torrent IP Tool: http://www.vpntopten.com/checkip Additional Questions: If you have any questions, please make sure to leave them in the comments. We do our best to answer any and all relevant questions. We usually answer and approve comments once a week
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Private Internet Access VPN Review (Best Anonymous VPN) by vpntopten.com
Please 'Like' this video if you find it helpful, it makes a HUGE difference. http://www.vpntopten.com/pia (Get PIA for $39.95/yr) Please leave any questions in the comments section. We do our best to answer every single one. Also if you have any feedback regarding our videos, including topics or VPN's you'd like reviewed, or additional info we're leaving out...please let us know. **This is our In-Depth review of Private Internet Access VPN** Read our full written Private Internet Access review: http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/private-internet-access-review-and-speedtest More info about Private Internet Access: PIA is one of the most popular VPN's in the world due to their 'ZERO-LOGS Policy' , Top-Notch Security, and extremely affordable pricing. They offer: 256-Bit Encryption Internet Kill-Switch Technology (ensures your data never flows outside encrypted VPN tunnel) Free proxy server included Torrents/ Filesharing/ p2p allowed Mobile App (for iPhone, Ipad, and Android) Great Desktop App/Software (Windows and Mac) 5 Simultaneous connections from 1 account Private Internet Access has topped numerous 'best of' lists on vpntopten.com because they deliver impressive service and features at a very low price point. They also were our top vpn choice of 2014 (see the article here: http://www.vpntopten.com/top-picks) PIA does not keep activity or connection logs, so users remain completely anonymous while online. They believe in 'net-neutrality' and do not throttle or block any ports, software, or protocols. Related Private Internet Access videos: How to use uTorrent anonymously (with PIA) http://youtu.be/VQQZXMxqHDs Get 1 year of Private Internet Access for $39.95 http://www.vpntopten.com/pia This description and video does contain affiliate links, so we may receive a small commission if you click the link and sign up, but you still get the best advertised price, and we certainly appreciate the support! Search Terms: Private Internet Access review PIA Review Private Internet Access Review by Bestvpn.com PIA VPN Private Internet Access VPN Review & Setup Tutorial
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How to Download Torrents Anonymously with Vuze (VPN + Proxy Setup Guide)
Please 'LIKE' this video if you find it helpful. It's small action that makes a HUGE difference! Also, please leave any questions you have in the comments, we answer them every week. Enjoy! This video will show you how to download torrents anonymously with vuze using a VPN or an anonymous torrent proxy service. In this video, we use a 'zero logs' unlimited VPN & Proxy service to setup anonymous torrents within vuze. You can sign up for only $3.33/month (1 year subscription) at: http://www.vpntopten.com/vuzevpn This step-by-step video covers: - The difference between anonymous and 'unsafe' torrents - How your IP address can be exposed when using vuze or utorrent - The best tools to protect your identity when torrenting - How to use Vuze with a VPN - How to use Vuze with a Socks Proxy - How to check your torrent IP address in Vuze - Vuze's IP Bind/ Interface bind kill-switch feature Here's why Private Internet Access is our #1 recommended VPN for torrents: - They keep no server logs whatsoever (most VPN's DO keep logs) - They include a Netherlands Socks proxy with any VPN purchase - 256 bit OpenVPN encryption - Excellent VPN software - Works great with all torrent clients - 7 Day 100% refund guarantee Learn more about Private Internet Access here: http://www.vpntopten.com/pia Or check out our PIA reviews http://youtu.be/jB9XjjSIurQ (youtube video) http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/private-internet-access-review-and-speedtest (full written review) Please make sure an leave any questions in the comments. I do my best to respond to every single comment (except the naughty ones)
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Stop Throttling! How to speed up your internet and avoid being throttled by your ISP
Save 25% on IPVanish through August 15th http://www.vpnlinx.com/vpn/ipvanish (Fastest VPN we've tested). Video by: http://www.vpntopten.com Learn what bandwidth throttling is, and how to easily block throttling by your internet provider through the use of a VPN. We cover the common types of throttling, what protocols are throttled (netflix, hulu, bittorrent, youtube, etc) and how you can easily block it. We even include a live before and after speedtest showing the power of a VPN to block throttling by your ISP. This technique can prevent throttling for Twitch, Skype, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iplayer, and any other high-bandwidth streaming services you use. It will fix problems like excessive buffering, poor video quality, and you can even unblock geo-restricted websites by using a local VPN server. Video Links: Throttling Article - http://www.vpntopten.com/how-to/stop-throttling-by-your-internet-provider To sign up for one of our recommended VPN services, please use the links below: VPN Links: IPVanish - http://www.vpntopten.com/ipvanish Private Internet Access - http://www.vpntopten.com/pia
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Best VPN Software 2015 | Watch us test the best VPN Services!
We compare the desktop VPN software from 4 of the top VPN providers in the world to find out who has the best VPN software. VPN's who's software we tested (in order): PureVPN, Private Internet Access, Vypr VPN, Hidemyass pro VPN. What we looked at: We do a hands-on look at all the most important software features for each VPN provider, highlighting what makes their software exceptional and sets it apart from average VPN software. These VPN's offer proprietary features and software that you just don't find in other VPN providers' software. Standout features include: - Split tunnelling (pureVPN) - Secure ipBind (hidemyass) - Encrypted cloud storage, Chameleon VPN (vypr) - Vpn kill-switch, dns leak protection, zero logs (pia) Helpful links, and offers: PureVPN read our pureVPN review: http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/pure-vpn-review-and-speedtest Visit pureVPN (1 year packages currently 65% off) - http://vpntopten.com/pure Private Internet Access Full PIA Review - http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/private-internet-access-review-and-speedtest Visit PIA - http://vpntopten.com/pia (1 year package is only $39.95) VyprVPN Our VyprVPN Review - http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/vyprvpn-review Visit VyprVPN - http://vpntopten.com/vypr Discount offer: The above link includes a promo-code for 50% off your first month with vyprvpn if you sign up. Also, vyprVPN is giving away 5gb of free encrypted cloud storage, no purchase required. Hidemyass: Read our HMA review - http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/hidemyass-review Visit HMA - http://vpntopten.com/hma Extra information about these VPN's PureVPN: Purevpn is including free smartdns service with any VPN purchase (a $5/month value). Packages start under $50/year. PureVPN is ideal for HD video streaming, unblocking geo-restricted sites, and circumventing firewalls at work, or internet censorship in countries like china, iran, etc. Among pureVPN's best features, are their unique 'split tunneling' option which lets you route only specific programs through your VPN connection, instead of all your web traffic. they are the only VPN to offer this feature. They also include SSTP stealth VPN protocol, making it very difficult to detect your VPN traffic (great for getting through firewalls). visit purevpn - http://www.vpntopten.com/pure Private Internet Access PIA made this list for ease of use, rock solid security features, and the fact that they keep no VPN logs (there are only a few vpn's in the world that don't keep connection logs). PIA offers better value for the price than any VPN in the world, and a 1 year subscription costs only $3.33/month. PIA also includes FREE PROXY SERVICE with every vpn purchase and allows you to connect 5 devices simultaneously on the same account. Most vpn's only allow 2. Learn more here: http://www.vpntopten.com/pia Vypr VPN: VyprVPN has impressive reliability and server stability. They have servers in over 30 countries and are constantly expanding. They stand out for their 'chameleon' stealth VPN technology which disguises 256-bit openVPN encrypted data as regular SSL web traffic making it virtually unblockable. They also include free 'DumpTruck' encrypted cloud storage with any VPN purchase, so you can safely access your most critical files where every you go. Only you have the decryption key, so even VyrpVPN can't access your files. It's incredibly secure. We also loved vypr's easy to use interface and sleek design. They also built a vpn kill-switch into their software as well as dns leak protection, giving you maximum security and anonymity online. Special offer. If you sign up with this link: http://www.vpntopten.com/vypr you get 50% off your first month. You can also get 5BG of Dumptruck encrypted storage free. Hidemyass VPN: Hidemyass really set the standard for excellent VPN software years ago. They were the first VPN to really take their software to a new level. They offer tons of extra features including: - Automated IP address rotation - Smart server selection - Secure IP-bind (advanced kill-switch technology) - In-software speed testing PLEASE LIKE THIS VIDEO IF YOU FOUND IT HELPFUL! when you 'thumbs-up' a video it makes a huge positive impact on our ranking on youtube and helps us reach more people. We really appreciate it. LEAVE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS. WE'LL ANSWER AS MANY AS WE CAN. Interacting with our subscribers and viewers is a big reason why we created a youtube channel. We check our comments at least once a week, and try to respond to every serious question we get asked. Our goal is to help educate you so you can choose the best VPN for your needs. Affiliate Disclaimer: We're affiliated with all 4 VPN's featured in this video. At vpntopten.com, we only partner with VPN services that we believe provide an excellent experience for their customers. We do receive a small commission if you sign up using our links, and we really appreciate it when you do!
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Hidemyass VPN Review (Super In-Depth) + 30 day trial offer
Please 'Like' this video if you found it helpful. It makes a huge difference for my channel. Thank you :-) Read our full HMA Review - http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/hidemyass-review Visit Hidemyass and take advantage of their 30-day trial offer (purchase required) - http://vpntopten.com/hma Our favorite things about hidemyass: HMA has excellent VPN software, fast speeds, and terrific customer support. They also have more server locations than any other VPN (128 countries and counting). They offer 256-bit OpenVPN encryption (the same encryption used by the U.S. Military) Their software offers features you won't find in other VPN providers' software, including: Secure IP-bind technology, randomized IP switching, and 'smart' server load balancing. Hidemyass logging policy: HMA is headquartered in the UK so they are bound by UK data retention laws. They keep connection logs for 6 months. Connection logs consist of minimal information about your VPN sessions, usually: Your incoming/outgoing IP address, date and time of connection, and bytes of data transferred. They DON't keep records of files you download or things like that. We recommend Hidemyass for: - All-Purpose VPN usage - Video Streaming, geo-unblocking, watching Netflix, Hulu, or HboGO from any country - anybody who wants fast speeds and lots of server locations We don't recommend Hidemyass for: - Bittorrent (choose a non-logging VPN like these http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-awards/the-best-anonymous-vpns-with-no-logs) - People located in countries where free speech or VPN usage is a crime. In that case, use a non-logging VPN like http://www.vpntopten.com/pia so there's absolutely no way you can be traced. 30-day refund policy HMA will let you try their service risk-free with their 30 day money back guarantee (you must pay in advance, but they will refund if you're not satisfied) To qualify for the refund, you must meet several conditions including: - Claim your refund within 30 days of signup - Use less than 10GB of data/ 100 VPN sessions - You don't violate their terms of use To sign up for Hidemyass or learn more about their VPN service, please go to: http://www.vpntopten.com/hma That's our affiliate link (you're certainly not required to use it) but we'll receive a small commission if you end of signing up, and you'll always get the best advertised price from Hidemyass. HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Leave us a comment and we'll answer it. Thanks so much and have a great day!
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How to use QBittorrent Anonymously with a VPN or Proxy
Save 25% on anonymous torrents: http://vpntopten.com/qbit (IPVanish the best/fastest zero-log VPN & proxy service for QBittorrent users). This video will show you exactly how to download torrents safely and anonymously with QBittorrent torrent client. You'll learn two techniques, using either a VPN or Proxy to download torrents and hide your IP address while downloading. You can even combine the VPN + Proxy for maximum privacy. You'll also learn how torrents are monitored, and how easy it is to see the IP & location of any peer downloading the same file as you. Why we recommend IPVanish: - True 'zero-log' provider (no records of your torrent activity) - Fastest VPN we've tested (capable of 100 mbps+) - Includes SOCKS5 proxy in addition to VPN - 256-bit encryption strength (unbreakable) - excellent, user-friendly software - allows torrents on all server locations Video Sections: 1. Intro to Qbittorrent 2. What is a VPN? 3. How torrents are tracked 4. How to hide your torrents with a VPN 5. Check your torrent IP address 6. Proxy settings for QBittorrent (IPVanish socks5) 7. How to sign up for IPVanish 8. IPVanish software and recommended settings Useful Links: IPVanish Review: http://www.vpntopten.com/vpn-reviews/ipvanish-review-features-software-and-speed-test Torrent IP check tool: http://www.checkmytorrentip.upcoil.com
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VyprVPN Review 2017: Software, Torrents, Speedtest, & Coupon
**Special Offer** 25% off 1 Year: http://www.vpntopten.com/vypr Please take a second to 'Like' this video if you found it helpful. It makes a huge difference! VyprVPN Review: This is our incredibly detailed look at Vypr VPN, which is one of the most full-featured VPN services in the world. They also claim to be the world's 'fastest vpn' and they did perform well in our speed tests. VyprVPN really stands out from the crowded VPN market in a few ways: DUMP TRUCK ENCRYPTED STORAGE VyprVPN includes free encrypted cloud storage with all VPN plans (up to 50GB). You can also get 5GB free, even without a paid VPN plan by using our affiliate link: http://vpntopten.com/vypr SOFTWARE: Vypr has some of the best software of any VPN provider we've ever tested. Probably THE best. It's extremely intuitive, and has tons of features you won't find in competing VPN software, such as: -the ability to auto-connect on untrusted wifi networks -an advanced kill-switch -and 'Chameleon' stealth-mode VPN. MOBILE (IPHONE/ANDROID) VPN VyprVPN has impressive iphone/ipad/Android software available (for FREE) with all paid VPN plans. And this isn't some dumbed-down limited version of their desktop software...it has tons of features. More features than you'll find on the desktop version of most VPN software. SPEED AND RELIABILITY VyprVPN performed quite well on our speed tests (they're capable of speeds in excess of 50mbps) and we have had no accidental disconnects at all. Their network is very reliable because they use server clusters (vs individual servers) in all server locations. Who shouldn't choose VyprVPN: VyprVPN is an excellen high-performance VPN provider, but probably isn't the best choice for bittorrent/p2p users. They do keep limited connection logs (IP address, timestamp, data transfer) and have been known to ban accounts for excessive torrent downloads. They're also on the more expensive side $7.50/month for their most popular 'Pro' plan (and that's with a 1 year subscription) which definitely puts them on the higher end of consumer VPN providers. So if you're a bittorrent user, or price is your most important criteria, you're probably better off using http://vpntopten.com/pia which keeps zero logs, allows torrents, and is only $3.33/month.
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PureVPN In-Depth VPN Review (In-Depth) by vpntestdrive.com
An in-depth review of the PureVPN service and software. Learn more at http://www.vpntestdrive.com/go/PureVPN/ We explore the software features, setup process, and do a number of speed tests to give you a comprehensive view of Pure VPN's capabilities. Also visit our website http://www.vpntestdrive.com
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