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Girls' Generation & 2PM ★Water Park Love
少女時代, 2pm - Korean Water park 'Caribbean bay' Commercial SNSD, Girls' Generation.
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TVXQ +  Girls' Generation CF(1/3)
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Korean LOVE story イ・スンギ
イ・スンギ - 言いにくい言葉 PV Korean Music Video - words that are hard to say by Lee seung gi 華麗なる遺産 Shining Inheritance Brilliant Legacy korean teen Romance, Sweet and Cute Love story. Lee seung ki gi
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TVXQ +  Girls' Generation CF(2/3)
Samsung Cell phone Commercial 東方神起 and 少女時代 SNSD
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TVXQ +  Girls' Generation CF(3/3)
Samsung Cell phone commecial TVXQ SNSD 東方神起, 少女時代
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Girls' Generation, SNSD Debut Song
また会った世界 Into the new world girls' generation The super star of Asia from Korea SNSD's debut song in 2007. The best song i think More info. http://www.girlsgeneration.com/ idol
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Girls' Generation  'Oh' - 少女時代 SNSD
韓国の女性 アイドル Asian No.1 Girl band SNSD's new official 2nd Album : "Oh!" Girls' generation 소녀시대 2집 oh oh oh oh oh oh 少女時代 少女時代 少女時代 少女時代 少女時代 少女時代 SNSD SNSD SNSD SNSD SNSD SNSD
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