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My new budgie cricket!
Cricket is brand new to the house so is still a bit unsure...... But she really likes me! SHE is a Female & is one years old!
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Cricket being silly
My silly girl!
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Crickets room tour!
Cricket is VERY spoiled! Like I said she is new so I hand feed her millet & seeds, but she will be eating from her bowls soon!
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A new addition!!
This is our new puppy cowboy! As you can see he is a male and loves to play and cuddle! He is 8-9 weeks
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Crickets new friend pudgy!
Cricket is a female and so is pudgy but she might a boy shes to young to tell right now sooo.... We got her from petland!
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Playin with the pup
Me and cowboy havin some fun!
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Cricket and pudgy hangout!
Two lil cutie pies!
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Cricket LOVES millet!
Cricket enjoys a tasty treat of millet:)
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My growing Breyer collection;)
The reason I sound bad is cause I did this in the morning! I have Finn,starfire, and stormy! P.S you have to build the stables
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Cricket meets carrot!
Cricket meets a new treat!........ Carrot!
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