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Security Guards Get Owned by Bicycle Gang (Retard-O-Tron Clip)
A group of bike riders hanging out get harrassed by security officers. The female officer gets mad and tries to punk one of the white guys, calling him "pussy ass cracker" and hitting him with a night stick, she runs away when he gets pissed and comes after her.
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How to install uTorrent and download TV Shows
In order to download tv shows and movies you need a program called uTorrent. It allows you to download stuff through a format called "torrents". In this video I use utorrent to download episode 1 of Game of Thrones as an example.
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Project W.A. Work-in-progress
This shows the first half of Eminem's opening message in the White America song. I always thought it would make an entertaining animated video, so I've taken up the task and this is a test render featuring 12 seconds of lipsync and some facial animation. Thanks for viewing :)
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Black & Yellow
This is my newest PC build. Intel Dual Core/2.8Ghz 4GB DDR3/1333Mhz 600W Blue Led PSU GeForceGTX 260 In Win Gaming Case, Black & Yellow Inland USB Keyboard - Custom, Black & Yellow MS USB Mose - Custom, Black & Yellow Comes with Unreal Tournament 3 It's really an outstanding color combo. But besides that, the PC games like a champ.
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Guile - Street Fighter IV : Standing Right Hook to Flash Kick Combo
This is something I don't know if it's by chance in SF or by design, but Guile can actually do a standing-right-hook punch straight to a flash kick combo, I did it once by accident, and now I know how. Check out the video I Frap'd showing the move - it looks so bad ass :)
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Kabal's Kool 10 Hit Kombo - Mortal Kombat 9 PC
One of Kabal's 10 hit kombos in Mortal Kombat (9) for Windows. Framerate slightly slow due to Fraps recording.
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Wolfenstein 2009 - AMD Phenom X3 710 & GTX 260 SC Core 216
I'm playing Wolfenstein 2009 on my PC. Runs very well on most pcs. The game looks even better when you're actually playing. Specs : AMD Phenom II X3 710 @ 2.6 Ghz/GTX 260 SuperClocked Core 216 - Max settings.
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